The world needs men who celebrate their manhood, who can be both sensitive and strong, both wise and crazy, both male and female. We need a new example of masculinity, one that honors our wounds and failures, as well as our qualities, power and beauty. This new man is being born out of the ashes of the old, and it is happening in our lifetime. If there is one thing the world needs now, it is that men are standing up to their greatness, to be warriors of the heart and caretakers of the earth. It is our future that is at stake, and the future of our children.”
Ton van der Kroon

To be a man…
Are you in need for direction in your life? Are you feeling stuck in issues as relationships, sexuality, work or identity? Are you curious what it means to be a man and what a healthy masculinity looks like? No macho or softie, but a man who is grounded in his feelings, who has the courage to be himself, and is open towards women and towards the world. A man who honors the wisdom of the earth, the compassion of the heart and the joy of his masculinity? Have you ever experienced just to be among men? Not as competitors or distant strangers, but men sharing who they are, their fears and hopes, their sorrow and joy, their qualities and their failures. 

Explore manhood, celebrate the union of masculine and feminine energies, and bring your gift to the world. A world that needs all of us…
Join Heart of Men: 4 days. No rules. No program. Just Men.

Ton van der Kroon is giving men’s workshops for over 25 years. He wrote the bestseller ‘The Return of the King, a book about men, on love, lust and leadership’, (Available in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.) He travels extensively around the world in search of old shamanic and spiritual traditions and learns from all walks of life. The last 15 years he worked in the Middle East, organizing a yearly Healing conference in Jericho and doing traumawork in Gaza. He lives in Amsterdam. Ton developed Heart of Men together with Jan Roelofs, with whom he is already working together for 15 years in Belgium. In Heart of Men we will work together with men from different countries and a team of assistents to support the process.

ARDENNES: 21-25 june 2017,

€ 650, including meals and accommodation.
NB. € 350 indien netto jaarinkomen lager dan € 20.000; € 500 indien netto jaarinkomen tussen € 20.000 en € 40.000

Verblijf inclusief volpension verblijf (100% bio en vegetarische maaltijden) in vierpersoonskamer
één- of tweepersoonskamer: + € 104 (eenpersoonskamer slechts bij uitzondering mogelijk, b.v. medische noodzaak of luide snurker)