Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world


nurturing the inner child

“You are entering the higher states of consciousness, by releasing all the lower frequencies, exploring them, recognising them so you can release them and remember your true purpose. It is in remembering your task and your soul purpose that your suffering and loneliness will disolve. There is nothing else then being who you are, but for the moment this means that you may be very gentle with yourself, very caring, very loving. You need a lot of nurturing so your soul can be nourished.  The times ahead ask a lot of perseverance, strenght and courage, when you take your leadership, but for the moment you may still be the little girl or boy that is asking for attention. Cuddle him or her, care for him or her, and he/she will show you her real needs. This is the most courageous a man or woman can do: to acknowledge the inner cild, and give it what it needs. Blessings…”