Ton van der Kroon

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hold the space

“t is important that some people ‘hold the space’, in order for things to develop in a fruitful and positive way. This means you are neither pro or contra something, nor left or right, conservative or liberal, globalist or nationalist, but that you stay neutral and embrace everybody with a gentle love, so everyone can proceed according to her or his abilities and soul-level. Each and everyone has a personal step to make of change and transformation, and this might get very chaotic, when many people have to move at the same time. That’s why you have ‘space- holders’, so things don’t get destructive or completely out of balance.

Spaceholders are the shamans of our time, the midwives of the future, the change-agents that are putting oil into the process. This means you can hold the extremes of polarities within your own heart, neither favouring the dark or the light. You just embrace everything and everyone. You are heartily invited! And know that you are with many and that you can do this.. 🙂

Practice: light a candle, put on some beautiful music, be silent and just focus on everyone in your heart, and expand the circle, till you embrace all of Humanity, or all the world. Pray for or meditate on whatever is working for you. Trust your intuition.”


test 3

En hier nog één.... zou het werken?
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test 2

Dit is ook zomaar een kort berichtje om te kijken of het werkt.
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test 1

Dit is een testje voor de random post.
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