Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world


twin souls

“Accept each others reality. Don’t try to solve the other. It is in embracing the differences that you will unite into oneness. On one side there is the ultimate commitment. On the other side there is ultimate freedom. Ultimate freedom is ultimate commitment. There is no difference. You will have to go the whole Way together, to find the mystery at the end. Don’t hesitate. Be each others mirror, be each other companion, be each others challenge, and angel..

The jewel in the Lotus is the love you find in each others heart when you surrender your ego wishes of how things should be, and surrender to the divine, so you become An instrument of love, An instrument of divine service. Give yourself over to higher guidance, and you will know the sweetness of the divine marriage of body and soul, two souls uniting within the sacred union of divine love. “