Egypt, 12-19 november 2017

The alchemical wisdom of creation:
uniting the masculine and feminine energies in service of the evolution of mankind

“Egypt, land of the ancients. Land of secrets. One of the ancient mysteries is the divine union between man and woman. Within the alchemical container of a sacred relationship many of the spiritual concepts were practiced, revealed and shared. The heavenly polarity of male/ female, heaven and earth, was experienced and felt in the the physical body of a man and a woman. During intercourse and intimacy these two dynamics were exchanged and created new energies, new life and generated wisdom that served humankind and the evolution on planet earth.”

We will stay one week in Luxor in the comfortable familyhotel Amon. From this places we will visit several temples and sights. The primary goal of this gathering is personal and spiritual development. We will come together in the morning at 10.00 hrs in a circle, from which the program develops. We will use meditation and ritual, dance and music, bodywork and exercises, nature and visiting temples and free time as the ingredients on our journey of the soul. There is no fixed program: Anything that happens during the journey is part of the program, so be prepared to be surprised. We will let ourselves be guided by divine inspiration, and use the law of Two Feet: be where you need to be. You are heartily invited to join on our journey to Egypt, alone or with your partner!

The costs is €900, excluding the journey to Egypt, excursions and drinks. You reserve a place by paying €400 to ING bankaccount Tree of Life NL90 INGB 0008216143, BICcode: INGBNL2A, o.v.v Egypt. The whole sum needs to be paid on september 1st. In case of cancellation there is a fee of €100 up till september 1st. After that the whole sum needs to be paid.