Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world


Welcome to my website! 

Here you can find information about my work, the books I've written, the workshops and seminars I give and some of the spiritual journeys that I organize this year. Since we are living in a time of intense transformation - both personal and collective - I invite you to join me on this quest to the Unknown, to be guided by our soul to find our own destiny. Only through this challenging and intimate journey we will be able to heal: both ourselves, others and the world we are living in...

Most of my workshops are given in Orval, in the south of the Ardennes, in a beautiful centre called Bois le Comte, run by Luc and Lieve. For more then 20 years I give here all the men's workshops, together with Jan Roelofs and a team of assistants, but also workshops for couples and a christmas celebration. If you want to see how it looks like, click here. 

During my life I have travelled to many, many countries, in search of ancient spiritual traditions, shamanic healing techniques and age old myths and stories, that tell us something about the changes we are going through. In times of chaos it is not so much politics, science or religion that you can rely on, but the power of ancient stories and myths. On this page you'll find some photo's of me travelling to different parts of the world. 

As a medium and channeler I received hundreds of messages while travelling, mostly on places of power. I have gathered them all and put them on a map, so you can find them there. My inner guides have taught me how to open up and heal some parts and places in the world as part of a collective healing. Feel free to roam about and let yourself be inspired by this esoteric knowledge.

If you need some guidance for yourself today, go to the page ORACLE. By clicking on this page you will receive a specific text that will guide you today and give you feedback on your question or inspiration for the path you are walking on. 

A big part of my work has been supported by donors, who were so kind to help me financially to I could do what was needed. This has given me so much trust and faith in my work and I like to thank all of them. We have created a new sort of economy, which I call 'Free giving, free receiving.' I learned to trust to do my work, with or without payment or reward, and people trusted me by giving financial support. If you appreciate my work and want to help as well, I truly thank you for any contribution, big or small. Click here to donate. 

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Ton van der Kroon reist zijn hele leven naar heilige plaatsen op aarde, op zoek naar de spirituele tradities van de mensheid. Hij verwerkt veel van zijn reiservaringen in zijn boeken, waarvan er inmiddels 10 zijn verschenen. De trilogie De Zevende Poort, Het Labyrint van de Tijd, en de Meesters van Shambhala beschrijven zijn eigen zoektocht, maar tevens de grote transformatie die momenteel in de wereld plaatsvindt. Hij werd bekend door de bestseller 'De Terugkeer van de Koning, het boek voor mannen over liefde, lust en leiderschap,' dat inmiddels in zes talen is vertaald, waaronder arabisch en hebreeuws. Hij gaf zeven jaar traumahealing in de Gazastrook, en organiseert jaarlijks een Maria Magdalena Festival in Andalusië en een Healing Conferentie in Jericho.

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