Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world

15th Healing Conference

may 2019, Jericho

A gathering of healers, therapists, shamans, change-agents and spiritual workers in the Heart of the Middle East

Each religion, each people, each race has its own tradition and techniques of healing, each one unique and valuable. Since we are in a proces of global transformation that affects the whole of humanity, we feel its time to come together, to share, to get to know each other and to perform a worldwide ritual of healing and renewing. By honoring all different colors and qualities of the human species we may get a picture of our wholeness, our oneness. In this time of chaos and separation the sheer act of coming together is a step towards a new phase of evolution.


The format of the conference is Open Space, which means we will create the program together on the spot. There is a community gathering each morning at 10 am and in the evening at 8 pm. These gatherings are to connect, to share who we are and what’s going on, and to announce workshops or excursions. There is a possibilty during the conference to visit sacred sites as Qumran, the ancient mysteryschool of the Essenes, the Dead Sea, the Mountain of Temptation, Masada, Jeruzalem or the Sea of Galilea.


Jericho, the oldest city in the world, and the Jericho Resort Village have been hosting the healing conference since 2005. A small group of people from different countries came together for 13 years to prepare the stage for a larger, international event, which wil take place in the first week of  May 2019.



The conference will be facilitated by Ton van der Kroon and Annelies de Moet, both from the Netherlands. Ton initiatiated the conference 13 years ago, after he got a vision in the Church of all Nations at the Mount of Olives. He is the author of 10 books on personal development and spirituality. Annelies is a change agent pur sang, and got involved in the conference since 2007. Her work consists of family constellations, business consulting, and women’s work. Both are holding the space so everyone can share their gifts and insights to the greater community.
The cost of this event including lodging and food is € 1300,00, based on a bed in a double room. Register today by paying a  registrationfee of € 200,00. Click on the button below.

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If you want to support the organisation of this project to make it possible, please donate on TREE OF LIFE  NL90 INGB 0008216143, BICcode: INGBNL2A, stating ‘donation jericho’.


You can book your flight to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The hotel can arrange a taxi to pick you up from there. The costs of the taxi are approximately € 100,-.


We will stay in the comfortable and friendly Jericho Village Resort, our homebase for the week. We will stay in two-person bedrooms. You can find more information about the hotel on:


Thirteen years ago a group of people from different nationalities gathered for the first Healing conference in 2005.  Initiator of the Healing conferences Ton van der Kroon had a vision the year before in the Church of All Nations at the foot of the Mount of Olives. He saw people from different nations coming together to start the work of healing, both healing themselves as well as healing the world. He was led to Jericho, oldest city in the world, at the lowest point on earth, which in that time was still deserted after the second intifada. The theme of that first year was ’Transcending Duality.’ How do we overcome all the complex and sometimes painful dualities in our lives and in the world? It takes faith and courage to go beyond duality and find oneness.

In these thirteen years the Middle East has dramatically changed, due to the revolutions in the arabic countries, the war in Syria, and the continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine. What hasn’t changed is the challenge we all face: to go beyond duality, to look the stranger in the eye, to meet our so-called enemy, to discover they are only human after all, just like us. It asks compassion to overcome old pain and suffering, and to forgive. This is true for all human beings, and for all nations. We all carry wounds which are immeasurably deep, and we have a choice: to avoid the pain, stay angry or closed, or to open up again and be willing to face the treasure beneath the pain.

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