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Egypt: embracing the dark feminine

9 – 15 november 2018, Egypt
A five day gathering in Aswan in the Nubian village


Aswan is situated on the nile in the south of Egypt and is the gateway to Africa. It used to be the place for merchants and caravan’s that came from the heart of Africa to travel to north.

In these five days we will tune in to the secret power of Egypt, the ancient tradition of the black Pharao’s, the Nubian tradition and the mystical inspiration of the Egyptian Gods Isis and Osiris, Nut and Geb, Sechmet and Hathor. We will also connect with the power of Africa, with the wisdom of the White Lions, heralding a new future for Africa and the world. As our accommodation is situated right on the banks of the Nile, we will also focus on the healing power of the water of the Nile, and its importance for the world as well as of ourselves. The program will consist of meditations, sharing, ritual, music and small excursions in Aswan.

Nb. This gathering is focussed on personal and collective development and spiritual growth.  The touristic part of the journey can easily be organized before or after the gathering on your own account. 

START OF THE GATHERING: 9 november, 20.00 hrs

END OF THE GATHERING: 15 november, 12.00 hrs.

NB. Since you will probably arrive on the 8th in the evening with Egypt Air, we have already booked your extra night from the 8th – 9th of november as well.
NB2. The program starts on the evening of the 9th of november.
NB3. We will finish on the 15th in the morning after breakfast, but there is a possibility to leave early in the morning on the 15th with Egypt Air, leaving at 5.00 AM. 

COSTS: € 970, including accommodation in two person bedrooms, meals, drinks, program, excluding the flight to Egypt, transfers to the airport, excursions, temples and tips.
NB. Because the program is open space we don’t know yet where we will go, so the costs of excursions, boattrips etc. is still open. We will clarify these costs when we are there and decide together.

ACCOMMODATION: Nubian Holiday House with the family of Habibi, Nubian village, Aswan

SUBSCRIPTION: Please make your subscription as soon as possible, so we know how many beds to reserve. Subscription is possible till end of september. Send the costs to TREE OF LIFE, NL 90INGB0008216143, INGBNL2A, Amsterdam.

Also send an email to Peter Jongerius,, with your name, passportnumber, time of arrival and departure, mobile number and your reason for participation. Peter will send you a confirmation, more details on the gathering, what to bring, and the houserules for the gathering. 


“The African continent has been forgotten in the world economy and in the world play. It is this continent that kept the promise for the future, the hidden power of the black Madonna. The unknown space that contains the seed for a new future. Aswan is like the gate to Africa.

When you go down the Nile from the north, going through all the different initiations, all the different portals in all the different temples, you will reach Aswan. And when you enter Aswan and the temple of the Great Mother Isis you unlock the power of Africa which is waiting, waiting to be uncovered and unlocked. It is the power of abundance and joy, of aliveness, of sensuality, of a very physical manifestation of the spiritual realm. It is connecting to the ancient world of Lemur and to the forgotten mystery schools of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

It is this land that has been so much abused, conquered by the nothern states, colonized, raped and enslaved but it still contains the power of the dark feminine, the goddess of fertility, Oshun, the goddess of love, Malak, and the goddess of initiation, Isis. All these black goddesses are connected to the motherland of Africa, to mother earth. The rivers are her flow out of her vulva, the hills are her breasts, and her hips. The mountains are her eyebrows, and the lakes are her heart. Aswan is like her vagina, where the waters of life stream forth to the north and finally to the Mediterranean sea.

So coming in Aswan, being there for five days and six nights, is like a sensual foreplay and orgasm, is like opening the vulva for an insemination and a birth, for a whole play of love with mother earth, so the waters can start to flow. It is through the energies of joy and intimacy and passion that you will open up the temple of the Great Mother. 

Be well, be blessed, and bless the waters of the Great Mother, flowing out into the world. Namaste.” 

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NB. For this program the open space rules apply: OPEN SPACE RULES

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The Nubian Village in Aswan