Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world

Healing Conference Ethiopia

this gathering is suspended to a later date!

a gathering of wisdom keepers/seekers along the river Nile
15 – 24 januari 2020

  • 15 jan, 20.oo hrs opening ceremony in Bahir Dar
  • 19 januari: travel form Bahir Dar to Mulu Eco lodge
  • 24th januari 12.00 hrs. Ending ceremony

This gathering, which is taking place on two locations, brings together wisdom keepers, healers and lightworkers to create a healing ceremony. The aim is to tune in to the waters of the Blue Nile and the source where she is coming from: Ethiopia.

We will start the gathering on the banks of the River Nile in Bahir Dar at Lake Tana. The program starts on januari 15th in the evening with an opening ceremony. On januari 19th we will travel into the mountains to Mulu Ecolodge, where the sources of the Blue Nile are originating. There we will continue the gathering till the 23rd of januari. Our ending ceremony wil be januari 24th in the morning.


The Healing Conference Ethiopia works with a format called Open Space. This means the program is being made on the spot, with and by the participants. Everyone is both participant and leader. There are five simple rules:

  1. Whoever is there are the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen
  3. When it starts, it starts
  4. When it is over, it is over
  5. Follow the Law of Two Feet
  6. Expect the Unexpected

The costs of this 8 day gathering is € 1150, including food, lodging, and transport from Bahar Dar to Mulu Ecolodge. Not included are the costs of excursions, extra drinks, the journey to Bahir Dar in Ethiopia, and the journey back to Addis Abeba. To reserve your place please send a mail to, and pay the participation costs to ING rekening tnv. TREE OF LIFE, IBAN: NL 90 INGB0008216143 , BICcode: INGBNL2A. 


You can make your travel arrangements through Ethiopian Airlines.

Message from the Elders of Africa

“We have been waiting for many many years to create this contact with you: the white people from the North. We respect you, we honour your work and your civilisation. But we have also felt the shadow and the dark side of your culture. Your desire for expansion, your desire for wealth, and goods, and materials. We have a lot of wealth in our continent. But our true wealth is our wisdom, which we have kept and cherished till the moment is there to share it with the world. 

We communicate through the spirits, through the spirit animals and the elements and the trees, the wise trees – we call them the whispering trees. They talk about the evolution of mankind. We are in communication with all the elders of Africa, we listen to each other and to the voices of the winds and the spirits. And so we know that you have come and entered into our field of consciousness, longing to know about our treasure. And because of your open heart, and your integrity, and your innocence we welcome you with an open heart. As foretold in our prophecies we would connect, white and black – the white race, the black race and the red race would connect. And thus coming together a new bond would be created, a new covenant between races. You who are our children. 

So please be welcome in our circle of elders, who are holding the space for this invisible power that is Africa. We want to welcome you to join us in our tribe and learn form the African ways, as we would like to learn from you. We like to welcome you home. We look very different, we dance to a different rhythm, our music is based on a different drum. But in essence we are the same, we are part of the same tribe of humanity. And it’s in this latest hour that all the elders will gather and talk about the future of the next generations to come. It is here in Africa that we will hold what we call The Great Gathering, in which we will decide about the future of humankind. Know that we support you on your perilous journeys. But you won’t falter. And if you fall we will be there to catch you. See you soon. And don’t forget to dance.”


Fifteen years ago a group of people started a healing process in the deepest place on earth, in the oldest city of the world: Jericho. They tapped into the ancient wisdom of the Essenes, who were masters in healing, using sound, crystals, prayer and water to perform rituals of healing. Again – while we live in a time of turmoil, crisis and transformation – we are in need of a new vision of the future, and a gentle way of getting there. Instead of the fight for survival, and the ratrace to grow bigger, wealthier and more powerful, we need a new and more intimate perspective on our lives and the world we live in. The key to our survival is compassion and understanding, and a heart- connection to all our ‘brothers and sisters’ to become one human family, one human race. 


Ton van der Kroon is a workshopleader for over 30 years and initiatior of the men’s work in Holland. He wrote the bestseller The Return of the King, a book for men on love, lust and leadership, as well as 9 other books on personal and spiritual development. He gives workshops for both men and women in Orval, Belgium and regularly travels the world, doing lightwork and healing. As a medium he receives information about the state of the world and the next step of evolution in this time of transition. 

  • The Sign and the Seal, Graham Hancock
  • Het Labyrint van de Tijd, Ton van der Kroon
  • De Leeuwenvrouw, Linda Tucker

We work with the principles of Open Space, which means we create the program together on the spot. To make sure the open space works effectively we need also some boundaries and clear intentions. Here are the conditions we work with:

  1. You reserve a place by paying the costs to ING bankaccount Tree of Life  NL90 INGB 0008216143, BICcode: INGBNL2A, with the title of the event. The whole sum needs to be paid one month before the start of the event. 
  2. In case of cancellation there is a fee of € 200 up till one month of the start of the event. After that the whole sum needs to be paid. 
  3. The journey or flight to the event is not included in the price nor the organization of it. You need to organize this yourself.
  4. If you stay extra days before or after the event, please get in contact with the hotel yourself. 
  5. Please bring local currency, or dollars to pay for any drinks and personal items. 
  6. We stay with two people in a room (unless there is a medical reason for a private room.) Please inform us with whom you want to share your room with.
  7. The food will be mainly vegetarian, but sometimes there will be fish or meat, depending on the country or hotel. If you have any specific dietary needs, make sure you organise this yourself. 
  8. Your participation is at your own responsibility. Of course we will do anything possible to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible, but we can’t take any responsibility for your safety, nor for your emotional, physical or financial well being. 
  9. Make sure you have a valid travel insurance. 
  10. Your passport needs to be valid at least six months.
  11. We are quests in another country, culture and religion. Please respect the local customs, rules, dresscode and formalities. Inform yourself about the country before you go. 
  12. The main intention of our work is personal and collective healing. If you want to visit touristic sites, please organize this before or after the event.
  13. No drugs of any sort are permitted, and we like you to limit alcohol (especially in islamic culture) coffee and meat. This will help you to bring your energy to a higher level. 
  14. We like your preparation and devotion to this work by tuning in the months and weeks before, by asking a few qustions to yourself:  What is my intention? What do I want to acchieve? What is my pitfall or my shadow? How can I prepare myself?
  15. You can only participate for the whole event or conference. The event always starts with the opening ceremony on the first night, at 8pm, and ends on the last morning with a closing ceremony at 12 am.