Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world

Healing Conference Israel

23 – 27 April, 2019

A 4 day healing process facilitated by Ton van der Kroon and Annelies de Moet

The Lighthouse, near kibbutz Be’eri, Israël



While we live in a time of turmoil, crisis and transformation  we are in need of a new vision that transcends duality. We experience duality both in our personal lives, our relationships and the world around us. We need awareness, reflection and insight to transcend this duality. This proces of healing works on different levels: healing yourself means healing the land, and vice versa. The key to our survival is compassion and a heart- connection to become one human family, one human race. We can only do this together, bringing in all the pieces of the puzzle. By seeing the bigger picture you will get insight and understanding about your own life. It will be an experience that will be nourishing, challenging and fulfilling.  


The Healing Conference works with a format called Open Space. It is a journey of exploration of the soul, for which there are no techniques, fixed structures or guidelines. That’s why it is not a workshop: we are co-creating the program on the spot. There are five simple rules:

  1. Whoever is there are the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen
  3. When it starts, it starts
  4. When it is over, it is over
  5. Follow the Law of Two Feet
  6. Expect the Unexpected

We have chosen a place called The Lighthouse on the border between Gaza and Israel as the location for this Healing Conference. It is here that the sense of duality is strongly felt. Next to an old brittish Sulphurfactory, Rami Harovi, an inhabitant of Kibbutz Be’eri, holds a space of healing for one year now, awakening consciousness and connecting to his neighbours in Gaza. In this specific place we will perceive how the patterns of duality in the Gazastrip and in Israël echo the patterns in our own lives. As inside, so outside. The Lighthouse is a landmark in the Region of Gaza, a meeting place for those who wish to add light and to mark paths to a future of hope and reconciliation. The Lighthouse is a call to open ones’ ears and heart, an invitation to identify and to take an active role in participation. Although the Lighthouse is quite primitive in its facilities, we see it as the perfect place to start our exploration and hope you will join us. 


Ton van der Kroon is a workshopleader for over 30 years and initiatior of the men’s work in Holland. He wrote the bestseller The Return of the King, a book for men on love, lust and leadership, as well as 9 other books on personal and spiritual development. He gives workshops for both men and women in Orval, Belgium and regularly travels the world, doing lightwork and healing. As a medium he receives information about the state of the world and the next step of evolution in this time of transition. 

Annelies de Moet is co-facilitating the Healing Conference since 2008. She is a professional trainer and consultant, highly experienced in family and business constellations. One of her passions is bringing women together who are willing to take leadership, both personal and collective. “It is through women that the world will find a new way of leadership and of living together.”

Rami Haruvi was born in Kibbuts Be’eri where he raised his family and children. He is a story teller, for years telling the unique story of Gaza and its region. He created the Lighthouse project with the wish to kindle a light of hope and tell the story in a different way. Rami will be part of the facilitation team and also takes care of the practical aspects of the conference.


The conference starts on the 23rd of april in the evening at 20 pm with an opening ceremony, and ends with a closing ceremony on april 27th at 12 am. Full participation is required form beginning to end. The workshop will be conducted in English because some of the facilitators and the participants are from abroad. The number of participants is limited and conditioned upon pre-registration. Your participation is at your own responsibility. The conference is not fit for children.


The workshop will be held under field conditions, shade of trees, tents and sheds. Accommodation is provided in two-spaces, on mattresses (that will be provided). Bring sleeping bags (also possible linens), towels, toiletries and personal equipment. You can bring individual tents, or enjoy sleeping outdoors.

Most of the time we will stay in a space with running water and we can even enjoy field showers. Bring warm clothing, light clothing, light scarf or head cover, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. We will organize the meals based on vegetarian cuisine. Food is included in the price of the workshop. Tea, coffee and cold water will accompany us regularly. Musical instruments and creative ideas are readily accepted.


Costs of participation for the five day conference, including all meals, drinks and facilitation, is 1950 shekkel or € 475, to be paid to account TREE OF LIFE, IBAN: NL 90INGB0008216143, BICCODE: INGBNL2A, Amsterdam. Your registration is final after sending an email to and a payment of the registration fee of 420 NIS or € 100. This is also the cancellation fee up till two weeks of the beginning of conference. After that the whole amount is due to be paid. Registration is possible till april 15th.


Fifteen years ago a group of people started a healing process in the deepest place on earth, in the oldest city of the world: Jericho. They tapped into the ancient wisdom of the Essenes, who were masters in healing, using sound, crystals, prayer and water to perform rituals of healing. This year the Healing Conference will travel the world. While it started in the valley of the Dead Sea, it will now take place in several places on earth.  The first station is on the border of Gaza, near kibbutz Be’eri, at a place in nature called Gaza Lighthouse. Each place has its own challenges and collective story that we will explore to give us insight and understanding.


Following locations of the Healing Conference will be:

June 2019, Healing Conference Findhorn, Scotland

July 2019, Healing Conference Andalusia, Spain

September 2019, Healing Conference Orval, Belgium

November 2019, Healing Conference Egypt

January 2020, Healing Conference Ethiopia