Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world

De Helende kracht van het Hart

Seminar on relationships, intimacy and sexuality

“Relationships and sexuality are the great challenges of our generation. Coming from a time where everything seemed pre-arranged and well planned, now is a time where we are initiated into a deeper experience of loving. How can we combine sexuality and spirituality, when these two have been separated for centuries?
The divine purpose of relationships is to bring the soul into the body, to bring heaven on earth. When two people form an intimate container of love they open a gateway for the soul to enter deeper into the body. As an individual you can do this up to a certain level, but you need the counterpart, the feminine or masculine counterpart, to bring this process to conclusion: to Sacred union. This is the magic and the miracle of men and women on earth. This is such a mysterie because it creates new life; creates new forms of civilisation, of nature, of all the elements that are coming out of this reunion. You are alike the Gods, slowly remembering the incredible power of love. Now everything that is not love will come to the surface to be seen, to be felt, to be heard and to be sacrificed on the altar of love. So when you are in a relationship and you are challenged, this is only to purify your own being: To pick up the debriss of old pain, the shadows of the past, to bring them into alignment with the higer purpose of your soul.”

Begin: 18 oktober 2018, 18.00 uur
Einde: 21 oktober 2018, 17.00 uur

Locatie: Orval, Bois le Comte

Prijs: €475, = Prijs inclusief volpension verblijf (100% bio en vegetarisch) in vierpersoonskamer. Eén- of tweepersoonskamer: + € 78. NB. € 375 indien particulier en netto-inkomen lager dan € 15.000 per jaar (inkomensbewijs voorleggen aub)

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