Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world

Healing Conference Scotland

Balancing the grid of the planet

Findhorn, Scotland, 25 – 29 june 2019

You are heartily invited to a gathering of spiritual healers, lightworkers, change agents to facilitate the transformation on earth and to restore the grid of energy around the planet.



There are certain powerpoints on our planet: Places where many ancient traditions, religions and old myths came into existence and shaped humanity. The wisdom and energy of these ancient powerpoints is again needed to bring balance and renewal to the earth and to our species. By bringing the earth-chakra’s in balance, by honoring them and visiting them we honor ourselves; so within, so without. Please feel invited to join and be a part of Project Earth; balancing the energy grid of mother Earth. Many lightworkers, shamans, healers and trainers understand that we have the ability to heal the ‘collective field’ by tuning into it, learning from it and balancing it. We are instruments of love, that are able to spread light by tuning into a higher frequency and literally ‘make love.’ In this way we can embrace darkness, and transform old wounds, war or trauma into fields of light. The time has come to align our lives with the currents of transformation running through this world.


‘There is a door opening to a new path, to a new future. All the movements, all the karma from the past has in a certain way been released: been delt with, been felt, so it became conscious. Now it is up to you to walk this new path, hand in hand, heart by heart.
It is in the power of the beloveds that a new world can arise: male and female, men and women, co-creating through their love, bridging the gap between the two polarities. This is sometimes a very painful proces because it brings you in contact with the Unknown, with the Other. It is in this powerful proces of meeting your other half, your other Self, that wholeness becomes manifest. It is this wholeness that trancends duality. It is the most powerful energy to heal the earth.
Not that the planet itself needs healing, but there is a kind of sickness, a distortion created by human beings. Humankind needs to become aligned again with the Great Mother so paradise can be restored.
This project is about the Paradise Matrix, to connect all the dots: powerful places on earth that hold the energy of the Paradise Matrix, the original blueprint of mother Earth. It is through humans, through their consciousness, through their love, that this old wisdom of this paradise blueprint can be activated and ignited. Gather all your spiritual family, all across the globe, to brings hearts together, even in the midst of storm and chaos, even in the midst of despair and anger, to light the flame. One flame of the heart is more powerful than an atomic bomb of destruction.
Never doubt the power of the light. Never doubt the power of love, which permeates all of existence.”


Ton van der Kroon has been travelling his whole life to sacred places: from Glastonbury to Gaza, from Montsegur to Mount Ararat, from Aleppo to North Korea. He wrote a series of five books about his quest around the world. For 15 years he has been organizing a Healing Conference in Jericho, the oldest town on earth. He became well known in the Netherlands for his men’s work and his bestseller ‘The Return of the king, a book for men on love, lust and leadership.’ He is a gifted speaker, storyteller and spiritual teacher.


Fifteen years ago a group of people started a healing process in the deepest place on earth, in the oldest city of the world: Jericho. They tapped into the ancient wisdom of the Essenes, who were masters in healing, using sound, crystals, prayer and water to perform rituals of healing. Again – while we live in a time of turmoil, crisis and transformation – we are in need of a new vision of the future, and a gentle way of getting there. Instead of the fight for survival, and the ratrace to grow bigger, wealthier and more powerful, we need a new and more intimate perspective on our lives and the world we live in. The key to our survival is compassion and understanding, and a heart- connection to all our ‘brothers and sisters’ to become one human family, one human race.


The Healing Conference works with a format called Open Space. This means the program is being made on the spot, with and by the participants. Everyone is both participant and leader. There are five simple rules:

  1. Whoever is there are the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen
  3. When it starts, it starts
  4. When it is over, it is over
  5. Follow the Law of Two Feet
  6. Expect the Unexpected

Start of the conference: Tuesday june 24th, lunchtime 12.00 hrs, registration from 11.oo hrs
End of conference: Saturday 29th, after breakfast. The program ends on the friday evening.


Conference, including 4 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments:
£ 700 (regular), £ 950 (high income), £ 530 (low income). For details about the costs, go to the site of Findhorn.


For booking and detailed information, go to: FINDHORN.ORG


You have to arrange your own flight and traveling to Findhorn. For more information on your journey, go to: FINDHORN TRAVEL INFORMATION


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