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Lightwork Seminar Findhorn

LIGHT WORK: healing the grid of our planet

Findhorn, Scotland, 25 – 29 juni 2019

You are heartily invited to a gathering of spiritual healers, lightworkers, change agents to facilitate the transformation on earth and to restore the grid of energy around the planet.
The Earth Grid
There are certain powerpoints on our planet: Places where many ancient traditions, religions and old myths came into existence and shaped humanity. The wisdom and energy of these ancient powerpoints is again needed to bring balance and renewal to the earth and to our species. By bringing the earth-chakra’s in balance, by honoring them and visiting them we honor ourselves; so within, so without. Please feel invited to join and be a part of Project Earth; balancing the energy grid of mother Earth.
Many lightworkers, shamans, healers and trainers understand that we have the ability to heal the ‘collective field’ by tuning into it, learning from it and balancing it. We are instruments of love, that are able to spread light by tuning into a higher frequency and literally ‘make love.’ In this way we can embrace darkness, and transform old wounds, war or trauma into fields of light. The time has come to align our lives with the currents of transformation running through this world.

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Ton van der Kroon has been travelling his whole life to sacred places: from Glastonbury to Gaza, from Montsegur to Mount Ararat, from Aleppo to North Korea. He wrote a series of five books about his quest around the world. For 13 years he has been organizing a Healing Conference in Jericho, the oldest town on earth. He became well known in the Netherlands for his men’s work and his bestseller ‘The Return of the king, a book for men on love, lust and leadership.’ He is a gifted speaker, storyteller and spiritual teacher.

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