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Women Wage Peace – Israël


Daughters of Hagar, Sarah and Mary are meeting
October 5-11 th, 2017

Summer 2014. Operation Protective Edge. In Gaza a woman is struggling to give birth to her baby. Her neighbourhood is being bombed, the hospital is full. The doctors only have time for a caesarian. The next day the hospital is bombed. The woman puts the baby under the table and prays to Allah: ‘Take me, and not my child.” Both survive. 1300 people in Gaza die that summer, of which 400 are children.

On the other side of the wall a group of Israeli women start a hungerstrike. They begin a battle against violence and destruction. Women Wage Peace. Enough is enough. No more war. No more victims on both sides. In october 2016 they hold the first March of Hope. More then 5000 women attend, both Israeli and Palestinian.

Jericho. Oldest city in the world. Deepest place on earth. For 13 years a group of mostly women from Europe come together for a Healing Conference. They call for the return of the feminine to bring healing, compassion and connection. They call for the Goddess with so many names: Ishtar, Isis, Cybele, Sophia, Mary, Ashera, Inanna, Mary Magdalene… Forgotten and denied, but still present..

October 2017. More then 10.000 women will gather north of the Dead Sea, from all over the world. They are ready for change. All women are invited (and men as well). Come and bring your sisters, daughters, mothers and friends. A day in honor of women. A day to call for healing, connection and compassion. A day for peace.


Women have suffered throughout history from war. They have lost sons, daughters and husbands, they mourned the dead, they had to sustain life, feed the family, and keep hope alive while war is being waged. Today they say: enough is enough. The daughters of Hagar, Sarah and Mary – mothers of the three Abrahamic religions – all of them bearing the scars of repression, denial and loss, stand up and unite: sisters who are ready to change history. A battle not against men, but against war, violence and ignorance. Go to the site of for more information.


We would like to invite you as well. Come join this gathering of women in the Dead Sea Valley. We will coordinate women who come from The Netherlands and Belgium and will provide accommodation in the hotels of Jericho, as well as transport to the gathering on october 8th. We also would like to organize a potluck lunch in Jericho, which is Palestinian territory, to include the people of the town. Jericho is a friendly, small and quiet town, an oasis in the desert. You will be delighted about the hospitality.

Ja, ik meld me aan.


Book your ticket now, through Amman or Tel Aviv with Turkish airlines, alitalia, Transavia etc. Costs of flight are +/- € 300,00. There is limited space, so let us know as soon as possible.

If you cannot come, please tune in and send us your good vibes. And if possible: donate some money, so we can proceed in doing this work. For donations to make this initiative possible, you can contribute at TREE OF LIFE, NL90 INGB 0008216143, BICcode: INGBNL2A.

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