Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world

test 2

Dit is ook zomaar een kort berichtje om te kijken of het werkt.

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"My dear children, we are so happy that you are involving yourself in this process, because it is of the utmost importance that you understand your own role, your own identity, your own soul. It is you who make the change. This is what is asked for by mother earth, that you stand tall and you realise the complete essence and greatness of your soul being on mother earth. It is this cocreation between your soul and hers that healing takes place and that you will evolve to the next stage of evolution of mankind. You, woman, are mother earth: you represent het body, her beauty, her wisdom, and you, man, represent knowledge, inspiration, the breath of life, to impregnate the feminine, to fertilise the feminine, so the new child of consciousness can grow inside of you both. It's this coming together of consciousness and energy or matter, heaven and earth, male and female, that the new can start to arise. Trust, my childeren is the key to make it happen. We are constantly there to guide you in this proces, to built the new temple of the heart, as you call it. It is a very high frequency of soul energy that you can manifest by being together and involving other people in the process of your creations. By creating the temple of this high frequency in several places on earth you are opening up doorways to heavenly energies so they can be grounded on the physical level on are the vessels through which this can take place. Don't make yourself small. Step into your greatness to realsie this and be the couple. Realsie the sacred marriage, within and without. Don't shy away form your task that is there in front of you. We are with you... You are blessed... "