In our lifetime the world has reached a critical phase: we are faced with unprecedented challenges in human history. Our survival as a species comes into question, as well as our connection with the planet and how we use or abuse it.

Without nature we are lost, and it’s our hubris that makes us think we can outsmart her. We need a drastic change, a transformation so profound that nothing we have seen before can guide us. It is the Unknown that defines our existence, and we need all of our wisdom, all of our instinct and intuition to create a momentum of change. 

 When you start to follow the path of the soul, be it as an individual or as a nation, the world will change. You are no longer a victim of the situation, but a hero walking his own path. And the struggle of the hero will ultimately lead to the return of the king, as is described in so many mythological stories. The king is the archetypal symbol of the heart, the essence of our being. Many times we live our lives from the mind, from fear, or from desire or fantasy, or we are ruled by our changing emotions. It is the quiet yet steadfast voice of the heart that leads is back to our destiny, to the promised land of our soul. 

 The last couple of thousand years we have relied to much on a masculine way of thinking, and on old patrirachal values and religions. The feminine, as well as women, were deemed second in position. It seems time we need to restore the balance, both in politics as well as in science, in business as well as in religious matters. It is no longer only a ‘men’s world’. As men we need to reavaluate what a healthy masculinity involves. A masculinity that is both active as well as compassionate, a masculinity that is grounded in love and wisdom, but dares to be bold and decisive as well.

This is meant by the Return of the king: the promise of a new leadership from the heart. Because one thing is for sure: we won’t get there without the power of the heart, and the wisdom of compassion. It is our heart that is the guiding force, our compass through the waves of things to come. It is not our minds that will be able to figure it out, nor our technical or scientific resources. They will help, but it is from the core of our being that we will be guided to a new phase of evolution. Will you join in to make this possible, and embark on an adventure never seen before in history? 

You are heartily invited.

 Ton van der Kroon

 Ton is an author, medium and workshopleader. He has travelled extensively around the globe in search of ancient spiritual traditions and stories that mark the change and the transformation in the world. He has written more then 10 books on personal development and spirituality. In two of his books all the messages are collected that he received from his guides in another dimension. His book for men, the return of the king, became a bestseller, and is being translated into six languages. 

He organizes journeys to sacred places, a yearly healing conference in Jericho in Mai, and the Mary Magdalene Festival in Andalusia in July. He works and lives in the Jordaan in Amsterdam.