36.05 PORTUGAL, Abrantes, The Spear of Michael

We are in Abrantas, a town and a castle in the middle of Portugal. We are sitting under a tree and tuning in to the energies here.

“You have to take your work seriously. You are on this queste that is connected to the greater story that is unfolding on earth, so be aware of that. It might seem you are traveling through a fog, or an empty space, but every detail is important to be looked at, to be aware of.

So here you are in this centre, you could call it the centre of the compass. From here you have a view to all directions, a 360° perspective on things. That means you cannot take sides, you cannot do this or that, or up or down, you have to stay in the middle and hold all the energies together. Bridging the extremes, holding the sacred middle and connecting the vertical line between heaven and earth. This is the spear of Michael.

It is also true for your own journey, your own compass, that you need to stay very focussed on this middle point. Then the road will show itself naturally. Everything takes place within you, the outer world is just a reflection, a mirror of what’s happening on the world canvas.

Is there anything else?”

Anne: If we have to take every detail seriously: I feel a kind of softness here, like everything here is sleeping.

Ton: Yes, like it is lukewarm. It needs a sort of passion, like: come on, go for it. I feel it also in myself, like: come on, wake up! We are here for something…

Anne: There is something about the softness. I could feel a very gentle knight, young, just saying: this is what we do, this is what we did, we did the same as you do. There is this gentleness in it.

Ton: Is that a good thing?

Anne: It needs more ardour now, in these times. It needs the women, besides the men. Whereas the women were kept in the tower, now they have to fight along.

Ton: I see things from more ancient times now, more Celtic times, and I see this man like a Moses, with a big beard, standing up with his hands up, calling out for help, or for guidance. He is speaking to the gods. This was more like a sacred place. I hear: “You need to call for help. Do your work, do your meditations.”

Anne: Take your work seriously indeed. I could feel this morning that we really need to meditate more and really do our work. What we did so far was okay, just to land here, but now we need more discipline and not be distracted. Like we said: we are not on holiday here, we are here for a purpose.

Ton: I hear these words: “For God’s sake”, but literally. “You are here for God’s sake, so for God’s sake, do your work.” I find it hard also to wake up for the sake of God. Gosh, look at the gentleness of this tree.

Ann: I hear: don’t be fooled by the softness of things. It’s like the power of the flowers, that’s the same power of this country. There is a force in the softness, but we have to delve deeper.

Ton: I also hear: “Bring your support troops, make sure you are well-prepared and well organised.”

Anne: And the waters are here to protect us. Also the waters under the ground. This country is not what it seems, there’s a deeper layer beneath. We have to go to the place we are heading to; to Monsaraz.

Ton: Somehow this Abrantes is a name from Celtic times. It connects me to this guy with a beard. Like he was called Abrantes or so. Abara… Abraham. The forefathers, the wise ones.

Anne: The ones of the fire: Ab-RA… The ones that had the spirit of the fire.

Ton: And built the fire temples.

A: There is a lot more spirit underneath, we have to free it. There is a combination of fire and water, like spirit you drink.

Ton: “Open the portal of Portugal.” I feel it’s good to be in this centre. Cause here we feel the connection to the north, the south, to Lisbon to the west and Spain to the east.

Anne: There is indeed a connection with Spain on that level.

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