Ton van der Kroon

 heal yourself, heal the world


be who you are

‘To manifest the Self, you have to let go of everything that it is not. Let go of all your roles, your identity – the one you think you are – your material possessions, your desires, your stories of your past, to become the One you already are. It is like a canvas: you have to take off all the colors to become blanco again. Now this might seem boring to the personality that desires color, attention, excitement and fulfillment, but An empty canvas has millions of possibilities. It can create anything any moment, so it isn’t empty at all. It can create magic, because it isn’t stuck to any preconceived outcome or plan. In its emptyness it is full of soul, of origin, of love.

So to reach the Self, let go of everything you no longer need. Empty your closets, throw away unnecesary burdens, both outside and inside, and the more empty you get, the more of life you will be. You are not what you think you are, or what you want yourself to be, or what others want you to be. You are endless possibilities, if you can surrender to your soul, to your Self. And life will get so rich, abundant, soulful and magical, just as you dreamed it would be when you were a kid…..’