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Gathering of Unity

VEZELAY, May 16-23, 2020

with Petra van der Linden-Brussen, Anna Vanickova and Ton van der Kroon

‘When you make the two into one,

and when you make the inner as the outer,

and the upper as the lower,

and when you make the male and the female

into a single one,

so that male shall not be male

and that female shall not be female,

then you will enter the kingdom.’

(The Gospel of Thomas)


This gathering is a call to those who are committed to creating a New Earth. We will be working in the space of Oneness to unite the feminine and the masculine divinity in humanity. We call upon men and women who want to actively participate in the Gathering of Unity. We know that when we come together in the spirit of the One Heart, humanity can take a different course and history will be changed.

Vézelay is a heart center of France and Europe. In this sacred place where Mary Magdalene is patron saint. Vézelay has been a power spot for millennia, used by druids in the ancient times, and by many spiritual groups throughout the millennia. This Heart Chakra of the Sacred Heart supports the process of personal and collective awakening as we experience the new vibrations of the Earth. We are called to work on several lines that cross Vézelay and to touch on the connection of the matrix of power places in Europe.Vézelay is also identified as the Venus stargate, one of the portals through which intergalactic traveling and incarnations happen. In a channeling it became clear that this portal will play an important role during this journey. In divine timing the further meaning of this Venus portal, connected to Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine, will be opened for those connected to her.

We will be working with an open space program, which means the structure will be fluid and changing when necessary to accommodate the real-time group dynamic and to allow us to be of service to the calling. The people who attend are the right people, whatever happens is the right thing to happen and most of all, expect the unexpected! The only thing we know for sure is that miracles await!

To make sure the open space works effectively we need also some boundaries and clear intentions. We will be meditating, aligning, channeling, holding space and conducting ceremonies. There will also be time for singing and dancing, nature walks, chi gung, and visits of Vézelay and the basilica.

We will remember the bliss of our deep inner silence, walking the ancient pilgrimage roads around Vézelay. We will remember our necessary symbiosis with Mother Earth and Nature. We will share wisdom stories, ascension tools and new frameworks for perceiving Consciousness. We will use Heart meditations to re-connect with and create from the Heart space a new dream for our lives and for our world. When we dream, we find visions to connect us into a much more awakened and creative state of being. We will make space for our authentic voices. We will listen if we are called to visit different places in the region.

Petra Brussen – Anna Vanickova – Ton van der Kroon
Petra, Anna and Ton embody the Way of UNITY in the lineage of the Magdalene, each in their own special and unique way.Through the balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine, inner self-mastery, sovereignty, love and inspiration, they invite you to play with them, to co-create the New Earth together in new and fun ways, using your full divine potential! 


Price excl. VAT (21%):

  1. € 1.497.-  per person based on 1 single bed in a shared room (maximum 2 persons per room in a shared gite)
  2. € 2.768,-  per 2 persons based on double bed in double room (in shared gite).

Price includes overnight stay at Domaine de la Vieiile Borde and guidance in the open space program during the week. Excluding tourist TAX (payable onsite to the owner).


Price excl. VAT for participation without accommodation on the domaine:

  1. € 825,- (€ 999,- incl VAT) per person. 

Breakfasts, meals, snacks and drinks are your own responsibility. On Monday we have planned some time to do grocery shopping in Avallon (15 km) or Vézelay (3 km).

Make your reservation or ask for more information via: Janneke Schmidt: .


The journey from and to Vézelay and the stay in France is at your own responsibility, risk and choice. Think of purchasing the necessary Travel Insurances et cetera. The organisation is not responsible for accidents, injuries, illness, theft or other calamities.

Refund & Cancellation policy:

The journey can be cancelled under the following conditons:

  • Cancellations made between February 15 – March 21th 2020, will receive a 60% refund
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made on or after March 21th 2020.

Based on our financial commitments we can not accept exceptions on these conditions. In case of cancellation by the organisation due to a situation of force majeure, we inform the participants in writing as soon as possible. The invoiced participation amount is fully refunded. Other costs, such as travelling costs are the responsibility of the participant.