Tree of life TREE OF LIFE FUND   An invitation to participate... Most of the work I do is voluntarily. Basically, if I feel called to do something I take action. I see 'God' as my boss. This brought me to countries as Gaza, Syria, North Korea, Iran, etc. All of my work is about creating consciousness, transformation from darkness to light, through books, workshops, journeys or meditations. Now this brought me to the realisation that I cannot do this alone, nor financiallly, nor energetically. Many times I ask people to help me out, support me with donations, join me in travelling, or help energetically during the work. This has been extremely helpfull, and I am so thankfull that many people value my work and books. So if you want to participate too, know that you are more than welcome. On this site you can find workshops, soulgatherings to different parts of the world, books and other forms to co-create.   Donations can be send to: TREE OF LIFE, IBAN: NL90 INGB 0008216143, BICcode: INGBNL2A. NB. Every donation, big or small, is welcome, since the money not only represents finacial value, but trust and support as well!


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