06.26 EGYPT, Nile, A Journey of Initiation

Bastet: ‘As you are approaching the end of an era it is of the utmost importance to be light and playful. In the midst of darkness and chaos can you keep your spirits high? Can you be innocent as a child? Can you be faithful to your spirit? Even if things around you will crumble and people will suffer? Can you be joyful and compassionate and keep your heart open?

This is your challenge for the coming years. It is not that you ignore the darkness or the pain or the suffering, you encompass it, you embrace it in your soul. But you know it’s part of a blossoming of the lotus, a blossoming of consciousness. But the lotus is rooted in the mud, its roots are in the darknesss, and it’s being fed by this dark mud and by the water of the Nile. It’s this water that carries the consciousness of the past, the present and the future. So your journey will be very much focussed on relating to the water – relating to the mediterranean, the vast sea where the Nile ends, the delta, which ends at the pyramids – and then this whole journey towards the source. Going from place to place, step by step, from temple to temple. It’s like you climb a ladder, or you enter one of the Egyptian temples, where gate after gate you go towards the sacrum, the holy of holiest, the altar where the divine manifests itself.

So this is your journey, to find divinity in yourself. In this sense it’s very much a journey of initiation, going inwards, with each gate you pass another layer of your soul, deeper and deeper and deeper, close and closer to the source. Until you come to this one point where the outer and the inner world meet and you become one with the universe. Enjoy.’


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