5 zooms for men, june – october 2024; by Ton van der Kroon, expert in men’s work and author of the bestselling book ‘the return of the king, being a man in the 21st century’, and Eran Markose, healer and ex-soldier of the Israeli Army

zoom 1: June 24th
zoom 2: July 15th
zoom 3: August 19th
zoom 4: September 23rd
zoom 5: October 14th

7.30 CET – 9.00 CET,  1,5 hours

“A sacred warrior doesn’t use violence, nor wages war, but surrenders to the sacred laws of life. He follows the path of the heart with joy and respect for all other living beings. He brings both energies – masculine and feminine – into balance within himself and he knows how to be of service to the world around him.”


It’s been 80 years since the end of the last World War and while looking around the world, we see war getting closer again. We might see it on the news through Ukraine and Russia or Israel and Palestine. We might ask ourselves: How do we deal with war? Why is war mostly fought by men? And equally important: how can we connect to the inner war we are waging in our own lives? Maybe against our boss, our parents, our partner or maybe we are fighting against parts of ourselves we don’t like.

Now the archetype of the warrior is deeply ingrained into a men’s psyche. A part of us loves to fight: fight for competition, fight for our ideals, fight for our beloveds. In essence there is nothing wrong with our innate urge to fight: it can make us stronger, more focussed, and learn to survive. Yet when fighting becomes destructive, and our ego takes the lead, we may become our own worst enemy. We destroy that which we love: we ruin our bodies, our career, our relationships, our planet.
When that happens on a collective scale, we become warbringers and warmongers. History is full of it. Most of the movies and games we watch are full of it as well: they are all about war, battles and violence. As men we have created a lot of suffering, bloodshed, and conflict.

These 5 zooms consist of a program of storytelling, meditations, sharings and exercises. Using our experience we want to explore how we can become warriors without waging war. How do we create a healthy masculinity? Ho do we lay down our swords, and choose peace in our own lives? What is the difference between a healthy aggression and a toxic machismo? What is your life purpose? How do we become sacred warriors?


This series is facilitated by Ton van der Kroon and Eran Markose. Ton is one of the pioneers of men’s work Ton van der Kroon, author of ‘The Return of the King, being a man in the 21th century’. Eran Markose, healer and ex-soldier of the Israeli army. Since the war in Israel and Gaza he has been giving traumahealing for Israeli soldiers, and also leading peace building groups of Israelis and Palestinians.

We wish to invite men to join us to explore the archetype of the sacred warrior, and to explore the nature of war. Step into the footsteps of famous leaders as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, pope Francis, Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama, who all advocated non-violence, tolerance and compassion. We wish to gather men from all over the world who see peace as the answer. Very welcome to join the tribe of the sacred warriors.


COST: € 135 including:
* 5 zooms
* the e-book ‘Return of the King’
* 10% reduction if you want to join the international Sinai men’s Gathering
* Extra articles and sources
* If you can’t join one evening, we will send you the link of the recording


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Dahab/Saint Catherine, Sinai, October 27- November 3rd
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– Warrior, King, Magician, Lover, Moore and Gilette
– Iron John, Robert Bly
– Long road to Freedom, Nelson Mandela
– Return of the King, Ton van der Kroon
– The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman


24 jun 2024


19:30 - 21:00