06.43 EGYPT, Taba, The Border of Taba

In Taba in Mövenpick, near the border with Israel, waiting for the border to open to go to Israel.

‘Your greatest ally and your greatest enemy is time. You have to be patient, just wait till the border opens. So that requires from you to sit still, to not add anything to the process, to relax and to recover and to integrate the experience on the mountain. So writing is a very good remedy and process to go through.

Also to integrate the story of Jos, Jos’ departure. There are things set in motion through this journey that have a specific program. The only thing you need to do is to walk the path, to go with what is opening up, what is revealing itself. So there is nothing you need to do, nor can do. Just allow yourself to go with the flow.

It is the journey from Pesach to Easter: Pesach is the liberation, Easter is the resurrection. It’s in between this process that you are connecting judaism and christianity and islam. But now this is the story of the Exodus. This boarder has a specific reason, it shows you the limits of life. There’s some things that seem impossible, but if you work with the divine energy, nothing is impossible, there is always a way through, and that starts with the heart. To open the heart. That has a specific program. The only thing you need to do is to walk the path. To see another reality. To look beyond the limits.

So stay focussed, focus on the job, stay grounded, stay connected with everyone. Involve everyone with your process, that is the most important thing at the moment. To connect everyone with your journey, again and again. Because the power is in connection. It’s the story that counts, not so much the event itself. It is your interpretation, your colouring of the story that opens up the hearts.

Meital is an anchor, a focal point to go towards. She represents the feminine, the Shechinah in the heart of Jeruzalem, to be opened up and to be revealed to the world. It’s like a flower opening, or a lotus. Bringing enlightenment and freedom. But since you are walking for the greater good of all, all the world is involved and that’s why the process goes so slowly. Because you are working on a collective level for everyone. It’s not only about this country, it’s about the whole world situation that needs to go beyond its limits, to go beyond the impossible. So start visualising the impossible. Start thinking beyond your own boundaries, start feeling your own limits. Because the heart is limitless.’

(Taba, 01/04/21)

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