07.03 PALESTINA, Jericho, The Game of Jericho 2

‘You’re in the fourth level, moving from the third to the fourth, which is also the level of the heart. Which means that you have been building the lowest part of the game, but now it’s opening up like a flower, like a lotus. It’s important that this movement is opening the game for more people to come in. While holding the base very firm, so there’s a steadiness in the building itself. The ground plan has been laid out, but now it’s an art of holding the ground plan while opening up the gates for other people to come in. They will take care of the next levels. So by opening it, the new levels can be attained.

While you move more towards the centre, to hold the stem, they will take care of the branches and the fruits. The fruits are not in your hands. You already see the fruits appearing in reality, in physical reality. You hold the structure, the bridge between the unseen reality and the physical dimension of your reality. Do you understand it: you are the gatekeepers to hold the space, or if you would like this metaphor: to be the stem that brings connection between the roots and the fruits. You need a strong stem between these two.’


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