07.07 PALESTINA, Jericho, The Wise Council of Women

‘We are the sisters of the tribe of Abraham. We were called the Wise Council of Women, or the Grandmothers. The lady Sara was one of us. But we were always working in co-creation. We were connected to the earth and to nature. We took care of the natural balance between humans and Mother Earth. There is so much wisdom in nature that you can tap into, and much of this has been lost. Don’t worry, just search your path. Let yourself be guided through the nature. Choose places to be, to listen, to be quiet. And we will be there with you. It will be a time of silent celebration.

Not many people at the moment are able to listen to my voice, because it is such a distance in time and memory. The voice of the Goddess as it had been heard for a long time. And yet there are many who long for it and some who follow her path. As we did. We came here. Our ancestors. Following the voice of the Goddess to this place.

There’s always talk about Abraham, but we were the ones to advice him. Not that he was less. He was a very wise person. But our voice has gone down in the ages. Like the voice of many women, who were embodying the Goddess. Like Mary Magdalene. Like Maria.

So now it is for you to follow your footsteps through the labyrinth of Jericho and its surrounding, so you will come in touch with this ancient wisdom. To open the doorway to the rock, which is the keystone to the new millennium. This stone contains the seed of information that can be spread out into the world to recreate paradise.

Because your scientists think that all living information is in the genes, in atoms, but it is actually beyond that. It is information that is stored in light. And this light had been trapped into stone and can only be released by consciousness. By heartful consciousness this information can be tapped.

So listen. Keep your heart open while you walk this way and that way. Make it a working path and the gates will open one by one till you come to the centre. Don’t be loud, don’t be arrogant, don’t expect great things. That is not your job. Your job is to go into silence and humility, to release energies that have been stored here ages ago. By opening this information, the temple can be built. Stone by stone. Step by step. Keep it simple. Our love goes with you.’

M: Where can we find information on the Grandmothers in Hebron?

‘Listen to the ground in which Sara has being buried, underneath the church. There’s a good place to reunite male and female. Because out of the distortion in the relationship, this whole story of the three monotheistic religions has sprouted, with all his problems. It is not so much their problem as well as the problem of their parents. To clearify: if there are three sons fighting, it is because the parents are not together. So by uniting male and female, Abraham and Sara, the problem of these three brother-religions will be solved. This is an important key to peace, to the world peace.’

M: What’s the place of Hagar in this?

‘She was cast out because of jealousy. Although we tried to follow the way of the Gods, human emotions took over and we were not able to keep everybody together. So there was a separation out of pain, like many separations. It is good to go back to this story and to acknowledge the human problem and human tragedies like they happen sometimes. Hagar was a servant. We considered her lower than the women of the council. We are realizing we haven’t honoured her place and we would like to welcome her back in our circle. Because she bore the children of the Islamic faith, which are still lost and cast out. We haven’t worked for the highest good, and this is one of the things we are working on to complete. Mistakes are human and sometimes it takes many, many lifetimes to correct them and create harmony again. This is karma.’

M: What about Ismaël?

‘Ismaël was the son of Hagar and he defended his mother like every boy should. But as I told you, the real cause of the problem came actually from our circle. He was only stepping in the footsteps of his mother. The root of the separation had already taken place. So, in that way he was a victim of his parent’s decisions. Like they are still victims, because they don’t understand their own role in the play. They still feel cast out and it’s on this feeling they have based their whole religion and their feelings of anger and sadness.

Go to Ein Gedi to be in nature for a whole day. There we will guide you to the ancient teachings of the Circle of the Grandmothers. We wish you well.’

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