07.23 PALESTINA, Jericho, Be the Witness

‘Take all your time to arrive. Some have just flown in, others are here already for one or more days. So what I like you to do: take some time, to close your eyes and to really welcome yourself and really say welcome: great that you made it, that you made the choice, that you made the whole journey with all the – maybe – obstacles or challenges on the road. And that you are now here. So really take the time to honour yourself for that. Maybe you’re still full of plans or stories or experiences, expectations. See if you can become more and more empty, open toward the unknown. We don’ t know what is going to happen this week. We are here to witness.

In ancient time there used to be a moontemple in Jericho for the goddess Ashtarte, the moongoddess. There were people honouring this moonprinciple, because it was the unknown, it was the unseen. They were getting in touch with the unseen, because this unseen was slowly becoming manifest in the world. And as you are gathering here now together, you will also get in touch with that which is to come, that which is to arrive in the world today, within the chaos of this world, with all its beauty and all its darkness.

There is a new movement taking place within each of us and for sure you have felt its waves, the waves of change that are happening within you and outside of you. So what we would like to say to you is: don’t be afraid, go with the waves as a surfer, enjoy the ups and downs

which you will surely feel this week. Trust the process and even better, trust yourself, all your intentions, your intuition, trust it. All your ideas, all the details you see, trust them,

because they are part of the larger story. All your bad vibes, uncomfortableness, trust it, because in this open field which you are going to create this week. Everything is allowed to be here. You’re only the witness.

In this area of the world, where you are a guest at the moment, where there is so much turmoil, be the witness. And last of all, you, being here doing what you need to do, meeting people, learning from yourself, from others, failing, succeeding, it doesn’t matter, but be the witness.’


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