07.34 PALESTINE, Masada, Change the Course of History

In the Byzantine church on Mount Masada.

‘We would like to tell you about the different groups that were here, because it was a collection of different tribes coming together in times of disaster and big change.

All that had been preserved, wisdom texts, had to be stored somehow. Because as the ancients, the Elders of the Essenes, have told us, it was important that this old knowledge would not be forgotten, even if we wouldn’t survive the great war, the great revolt. So we helped to put the texts in the ground and one of these texts that was stored here, is the lost book of Enoch. It has come to us from a very long time ago and has been given on and on through history, generation by generation, and also in our generation it was written down again. It is about the creation of mankind.

In human beings there is the possibility to change the course of history, to change their own personal history and to change the collective history. This is a quality that can only be reached by free will – actually the source of this change is free will. But before you are really free, you have to unchain yourself from many chains of concepts, ideas, stories of the mind. The deeper you delve into yourself and open up these prisons of the mind, the more free you will become on a deeper level. This is an endless path of becoming free, so the self can blossom, as a plant in the desert that gets watered.

As you are in a time of great change and great war – because all the changes at the moment are leading towards a crisis on a global scale – you have the possibility to change this course. It means delving inside yourself and freeing the ancient knowledge about the origin of human beings. Because as soon as people will recognise themselves and know who they are, there is no need to fight anymore, there is no need for war. Because war is a result of the ego, of the personality. It wants to define itself, it wants to find out who it is, by fighting somebody else, by fighting each other’s customs and ways of thinking, each other’s religions. But basically the need behind it is to know who you are. As soon as people receive answers to this question, the need to fight will disappear.

You who are the pillars of light, the teachers, the healers, the connectors, you help to bring this knowledge into the world, so it can be shared. It doesn’t matter which form it takes, be it in books, be it in meetings, be it on Facebook, whatever technology is available, it is handy to communicate it to other people.

Here in the Holy Land, in the Middle East, in Jerusalem and Jericho and Masada, lie the keys to a new concept of humanity in which all colours, all religions, all differences, all ages and all beings come together as one. It is in this coming together that you will surviven and it is in separation that you will perish. Honour the colours of the rainbow.’


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