10.07 FRANCE, Marseille, Jeanne d’Arc

‘It is time that the patriarchal monks which are ruling this country through business, science, politics and religion, step down and share their power with the people, instead of over the people. It is time for the feminine to rise with all its colours, with all its diversity, all its races, all its children, all the children of the revolution. It is this energy, this energy of change, of revolt, but of a loving revolt, that will bring a new renaissance to la douce France. It is needed in this time, because so many people are suffering within a system that is too controlling, a system that is dead, not serving life but serving death. It needs to open up, so a fresh wind can blow through the country. And touch people’s hearts and feelings.

So stand up if you hear my voice, as you heard my voice before. And you rid yourself from the intruders. Stand up if you hear my heart and my feelings of pride. Feelings of firmness to stand together, shoulder by shoulder, to bring a new life to France. Join me in my conquest of love, laughter and transparency. To the heart for the heart of France. I have spoken.’

(15/07/13, op uitkijkpunt Belvedere bij de zee bij Marseille)

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