10.10 FRANCE, Vézelay, The Fire of the Heart

Focussing on Vézelay and A.’s parents. Ton hears the voice of Mary Magdalene or the feminine:

‘Vézelay is a doorway, a portal between the earth and the stars. It is here that The Book of Love was written and manifested in the earthly realm. Now what does this mean concretely? It’s the love between the human heart, between mothers and daughters, between fathers and sons, between lovers. It is written in the body, not in the mind and not in books. It is written in the akasha of life itself, and it’s this power of the heart that moves mountains.

When you gather here in May for the Gathering of Unity, it’s about this heart power that is most important: to open up the deepest parts of who you are and share it with another. Your mother knows this power, she’s in touch with the old dharma, with this old knowledge and wisdom of the feminine. But she had to cope all her life with the limitations and the obligations of being the wife, of being second. So she couldn’t fully express her fullness of wisdom.

Basically your father had the same problem in his masculinity: he couldn’t express his full power, limited by his own believes and body, but also limited because of the culture and the time they were living in. Now they are set free, the door is open to fly, to spread their wings. For your father it is in the spirit, because his spirit is free to move now, released from his bodily limitations. And although it may seem strange or awkward from the outside, on the inner realm there is a great rejoicing and celebration, because he has found a door to his freedom.

For your mum it is the same process. In Vezelay she will find that doorway, she will recognize and remember her role in the great play of Mary Magdalene 2000 years ago. She will remember her own soul mission. It’s never too late to remember who you are and to take your place in the great scheme of things. So she can release the burden she carries of caring for her family, caring for her husband, and become her own soulbeing. Tapping into her own source, connecting deeply to the wisdom of the earth.

She has her role to play in the fundament, in the fundament the two of you are building. The mothers, both mothers, have their function, because they support you, they know intuitively from their wombs and from their hearts what you are doing, although they have been limited by their generation. So they were not able to manifest it by themselves, but they understand instinctively what you are about to manifest in the world, through their own hearts. So it’s important to involve them. You don’t need to explain it, but they need to be involved in this process and not be left out. Because they have been carrying the burden for you, so you can fly.’

(Ton: I see a portal opening in Vézelay, een big portal moving. In front of the door it is dark, but behind the door there is an enormous light, as if you walk through the door of the basilique and see the light of the choir, the pure light of the grail…)

‘… the grail light, which illuminates all of France, all of Europe. It is pure intense light that spreads like a wave through the hearts of everyone. It will be a release for France to move into this deeper intimacy of the wisdom of the heart. This is where the solution lies for all the problems in society: it is to tap into the wisdom of Mary Magdalene, the sacred feminine, to tap into Marianne, to tap into Joan of Arc, to tap into Esmeralda, the dancing feminine, the shakti of France. France has a crucial role to play in the honouring of the feminine, of the re-emergence of the divine feminine, through the city of Isis, Paris.

So there’s a grand plan and you all play a role in that. By going to Vézelay you ignite the spark for this fire of the heart. Namaste.’


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