10.16 FRANCE, Montségur, The Cathars in Les Contes

‘There used to be an ancient kingdom, stretching all over the Pyrennees in a time long forgotten, before your written history. People came here, they gathered, they felt the power of these mountains, the spiritual power, like the power of the Himalayas. But then at some point it went to sleep. The consciousness of men died down and people got busy, with earthly life without any spirit. Fighting wars, conquering other kingdoms, ruling over other people.

But the time has come to light the beacon, to light the fires of wisdom. To remember the old kingship and queendom. To re-awaken that old spiritual heritage of these mountains. To bring back the children of light.

So here you are turning the wheel for another phase in human evolution. The Cathars are gone, but you are here. Long live the Cathars.’


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