20210601 29.XX ISRAEL, Jerusalem, The Foundation of the Sun God Salem

With Anne and Marc. Talking about Jerusalem, meaning the ‘foundation of the sun god Salem’. But what is this foundation about?

‘You are searching too far, because it’s not in the outside world that you will find the answer but in the inside world. In the world beyond matter. Because it’s only through your consciousness that you will solve these riddles. When you open the heart you will see another reality in front of your eyes. It’s as if these old stones contain a blueprint of both the past and the future. It’s beyond time.

This platform has been built by the gods Elohim, or you could say beings froms another dimension – I don’t say another planet, but another dimension – to manifest something in your world that can be the base for a new future, to build upon the new, the third, temple. But this third temple cannot be built by stones or by hands, it’s a temple that is being built by hearts coming together. It’s an energetic temple. In all the journeys that you make, you are putting the foundation stones for the temple in the right place. So it’s a temple of consciousness, but it is rooted in the third dimension.

When you connect all your hearts, you open up the blueprint for the future. Which is contained in these stones. From there you will connect to the stellar dimension. The whole universe is opening up in this place. You will find as well the blueprint of Mother Earth, which is contained withing the Golden Dome. It’s holding the energy, the aura, of the Mother Planet.

The more people connect their hearts to the heart of the Earth, which is Jerusalem, the more your planet can start to heal – and you will become one again, one with the Great Mother. As you have always been one, but you forgot your union with the Great Mother goddess. And thus you fell from grace, you became separated. As men and women you became separated, as people you became separated. But it is by connecting back to this heart that will unite everyone again. Then the sun god Salem will bring the peace you are looking for. Shalom and salam. It’s only by bringing all the hearts together that the sun will rise again.’

Are these the beings of the Great Central Sun?

‘Yes, but the Great Central Sun is an inner dimension. You look at it from the outside, but it is an inner dimension, you are coming from, you are connected to. So as you are one with the Mother Goddess and your bodies are part of planet Earth, your consciousness is part of the Central Sun. You have a direct lineage, a connection line from this Central Sun to your consciousness, you are part of that. So you are part of the divine Father, as you are part of the divine Mother.

You will try to reach this union by technology, by a virtual world. But you will not find it there, it will be a substitute instead of the real thing. The real thing is you. Is your own heart and your own awareness of who you are. The more you take away the outer forms and the outer masks, the more you will realise that you are divine, and that you have been part of this creation all along.’

So we can’t solve the riddle?

‘You could say the riddle is that everything you are looking for is already there. There is nothing to search for, because it already exists within you. You are the question and the answer. So that’s why existence in this dimension is a paradox: you are striving from a to be, but in reality there is no a and b. There is only you experiencing a, b, c, d, e, f, g and everything.

Come together in that sacred place in the sacred city, gathering the tribes in the city of the heart. But take your time.’

So why are we fascinated by Jerusalem?

‘In a way it is because it gives you a glimpse of the vastness of your human history, which is so much greater than you imagine it. It wasn’t coming from primitive societies, it was coming from very evolved societies. The evolution went down in a way, towards more fragmentation and separation and materialism. So it is time you come back home and find the source you are all coming from. Thus you have to rewrite history and realise that those socalled primitive societies were nothing about that, they were highly evolved beings – and you are their children, their descendants.’

Ton: I still see the gathering of the tribes. After Scotland. Not yet, but soon.

‘Bring back the ancient ones. Bring back the teachers. Ask for help, and you will be guided to find your way out of the labyrinth of time and suffering.

The end is a new beginning. More so: the end is only the beginning.’

(Amsterdam, 01/06/21)

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