22.10 SPAIN, Toledo, Underground Mystics

Tuning into the city of Toledo, sitting in the Roman bath. With Anne, Tineke en Christiaan.

‘When we were persecuted we litterally went underground, cause there was no way we could keep the tradition of the sacred tree of life in the daylight. So this whole mystic knowledge became an underground movement with secred symbols and secret ways to recognize each other, and secret meetings, so we could still pass on all that wisdom, that we inherited from our grandfathers – and they from their grandfathers. Going back long long time, to the times of Abraham en Enoch. So we knew we were the guardians of the tree of life, of the Kabbalah, and this was handed over to us so we could pass it on to the next generations. But it became increasingly difficult, so we had to find different ways. So in a normal culture you won’t see it that easily. It’s invisible to the eye, it’s only visible to the heart. Because if you look through the heart, then you will recognize all the symbols. You will recognize that you are the tree of life, that it is engrained in the sacred geometry of your body and of the chakras of the body. So only by being aware of your own being as a part of the tree of life you will recognize it in everything around you, in the trees, in the birds, in the sounds, in the rocks and in the flowers, but also in special buildings, like geometrical forms or in the beauty of artists who feel that pull or passion inside themselves.

There was a big tradition and expression during our time, around the year 1000, of this great wisdom and we have spread it all through the country. We were in cooperation with the muslim people, but also with the christian people. We connected several cultures, and we had this ideal of a new world movement, where all religions and cultures would recognize each other and connect to each other. This we could organize, to a certain extend. But then the great depression set in, the great darkness came over the land, and we had to escape and dim our light. So the great light of our ideal was destroyed on the surface. But underneath it just went on in the hearts of people and in the hearts of our children.

So you are here, to get in contact with that ancient knowledge, to incorporate it in your bodies where it comes awake. Cause you are the living bodies, you are the living grails that radiate that wisdom, just by being here, you support the tree of life. Connect to this ancient vision where all the tribes of the Earth are connected and come together into oneness, in all its colours, in all its diversity. Unite, cause it is only in the unification of humankind that you will survive, and you will overcome the burden and the storms that are ahead of you. Sjalom. Salam. Namaste.’


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