22.19 SPAIN, Madrid, La Madre, the Black Madonna

‘La Madre, La Madre. It is this dark mother, the Black Madonna, the Madre of Madrid who is suffering. Who is carrying all this darkness, this huge pain and desolation. And it turns into oppression, because the real dark feminine cannot be seen, is not acknowledged, is not honoured. And you, Agnes, are in contact with the dark feminine. Beyond death. Beyond death there is light, beyond death there is love. And the people who can travel beyond death are the Black Madonna’s. Who can go into the void, to receive the knowledge and the codes of light. To bring them into this dimension, into the earthly realms. So these codes of creation can be restored and be brought back to humanity in this time.

Where the Isle of Iona (Scotland) represents the light in the northern hemisphere, it’s Spain – and also Italy – that holds this energy of this Black Madonna, of this dark matter. And it’s in the alignment of these two, of light and dark, that transformation happens. So by going into these countries, into Italy, into Spain, you touch upon these very heavy and dense energies that contain a lot of pain and suffering that needs to be transformed. So it can be released from the old timelines.

In Spain it is very much the energies of the Inquisition, of Los Reyos Catolicos, the deep suppression of the Jewish Kabbalah, of the mystery schools of the Arabs, but also the mystery schools of Christianity, and of Mary Magdalene, the feminine. It all got very much suppressed, beheaded, thrown into the caves of time, so the feminine could not breathe anymore, could not live, and spread its wisdom as it was supposed to be doing, for the welfare of the people in Europe.

So both Italy, as well as Greece and Spain, need to transform this darkness into compassion. And they need people who can travel into this darkness, to go beyond death and bring life back. It’s like birthing a new child, you have to go into the womb. And Spain has this energy. The cosmic womb. It’s this energy of the Great Mother that has been suffering under patriarchal rule, that needs to be released from her bondage and her shackles. So she can shine again and take her place as the Queen of Stars. As Inanna going through the underworld and resurfacing, so her light can be shared with the people in Spain, the Catalunians, and in Andalucia, the land of light. But from there with all the world.

Go to the cradle, go into the womb, to travel beyond death to bring back the light.’

(… later that day…)

‘Three men, three women together form the golden merkaba of light. To contain the curse, but also to free, to transform the curse into a blessing. You’re all instrumental in this process. It’s not about your personalities, it’s about being in service of the divine.

The element gold is a communicator, it’s been used to communicate these higher energies. So when you connect to gold, or you put it as a crown on your head, or you wear it, you communicate with the golden energies of light. So by walking into this place (a museum with golden artefacts) you start to resonate with all this gold, with all the artefacts, and you can transmute the energy that has been cloaked or stuck into its original purpose. So the gold can again be used as a communicator to these higher frequencies. It’s like mirroring. You mirror the gold.’


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