22.29 SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, MMF 2019: Calling All Women

Tuning into the next MMF 2019 in Nieuwrode. With Tineke, Christiaan and Anne.

‘Women from all continents, from all countries, from all religions and beliefs, women of all colours and all ages, it is up to you to take the lead in this time of darkness and change. You have to take the men by the hand and lead them to the divine feminine, to initiate them into their true manhood, so they can be guardians of life on earth. Not fighting each other, not battling for land, for truth or gods. It takes this covenant of women from all over the planet to acknowledge their own power, to acknowledge a new generation of women leaders. Not against men, but together with them. But it’s now your task to show how we can connect with Mother Earth and preserve nature and civilization by embracing all. There are many forces of division that want to set you up against each other but you as women know more than ever that it’s only in connection, in togetherness that you will survive, not in fighting each other. So be brave be strong, be trustful of your path and know that in this bond you make, you will find the power you need and the fulfilment of your own journey, your own spiritual path.

This is me, Mary Magdalene speaking to all women of the earth.’


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