22.33 SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, The Vision of Meital

Meital had a strong vision of prophecy during the bath ritual in the Bano de la Reina on the 22nd.

‘The visions started when Henriette hugged me and opened my heart completely. When we were driving it became stronger and stronger. Ankh was holding my hand and she was also holding T.’s hand. She was sitting in the middle. I was closing my eyes and the vision started.

I saw all the tribes and nations come together for this ceremony. All the cultures, the Maori, the American Indians, The Eskimo’s, the African tribes, the people from Asia, the nations of Europe, really everyone. I saw people in the office behind the computer stand up and come and be a witness to this ritual. Every spirit from this land and from every land joined this ceremony. I saw Magdalene and I saw Christ, Jesua, and I saw the cross and christian symbols. Now I’ve never seen this, because I am a Jewish woman and these symbols are not part of my culture. But is was very strong.

When we got to the Bath of Alhama Tim told me he cannot come in because he felt it was inappropriate for him to join because he had sexual feelings. I told him it was okay because that is also part of life, but he was already going into a process for himself. He sank to the ground and I went in.

We went inside to the first jacuzzi and everyone was holding space. I could really relax and let go and went into the water. I saw everyone in the garden and the process of dying that T. went through. I was with him there and I felt the connection between the masculine and the feminine. I could feel the shame and guilt of the masculine: the struggle of sexuality of both the monk and the hunter.

It is all about the amazing privilege we have as men and women: the amazing energy that can synchronise into a beautiful power, that can make every woman blossom. When women can blossom, men can relax and enjoy in the world. I saw a dance of love between men and women. It was a beautiful dance. It was like making love, but not in a sexual way, but energetically. It created a beautiful power, that we need to learn more to work with, without feeling guilty or wanting to grab it.

This was the first part about the masculine and the feminine.

Then I pulled out of the water and was drawn in it again, in the centre of the jacuzzi. I saw cannons and a war started. It was like the wars of wars, all the wars that have ever been on this earth. I was like smashed all over. I felt all the pain. I heard people screaming, I saw them dying, I saw swords and so many kinds of weapons, all weapons that existed since the beginning until today. It was so painful. I was dying with everyone, I was the death of every death and the pain of every pain. I heard men screaming, women screaming, children screaming, everyone was screaming. I was not seeing this, actually, I became all this.

Then I was pulled out of the war scene again and I saw a Magdalene. It was this beautiful power of love. I saw she had two children. They are like two wings. One of them is love, the other one is forgiveness. The love comes from the gods, the forgiveness is what people have to do. We need to forgive, so the love can come. I saw the energetical fields of these children. Then I started to give birth as Magdalene, and I saw demons coming out. They were like really red. It was scary. They came from the centre of the laba, of the earth, out of me. My mind wanted to stop them at first, but I let them come. Whatever wanted to come, could come. There was no drama. Whatever wanted to get out, got out. They were with us in the circle. I felt so safe. I felt you were protecting me.

I came out of the water again and saw the circle of people around me. With the demons, the kids, the angels, everything. And there was no drama. It’s like: this is life. This is the duality. This is the everything. This is the nothing. We need to accept everything and just be with an open heart.

Then I saw the Mother. The heart with the sword. I heard: this is the time to take the sword out. You need to heal the Mother, Mother Earth and all the mothers. Suddenly Mary Magdalene, Maria the Mother and Myriam of Moses all became one woman. I saw the dynasty of the women. We want to make distinctions: this is Mary Magdalene, this is Mary… But it is all one woman. It is about the feminine that takes many shapes.

The strongest message I heard was: stop talking so much about the past. You must take care of the future and about what happens now. Take all your energetical power, for now and for the future. We waste so much energy on the past. It is about the ability to forgive. We have to put it behind us.

I was told: this first bath is for the people. It’s about humankind. This is the first healing process. I felt this work was done in this bath and I told Ton we can go to the second bath. When I got out and opened my eyes and saw everyone I started to feel ashamed again. But I told myself: stop, Meital, just let it happen.

I went to the second bath, the cold bath. It looked like a mikveh. We have the same in Israel. Before women get married, they go into the mikveh to clean themselves. The images evolved from broad humanity to closer to my world. This second session was about cleansing everything, so I can be able to marry myself. That was harder for me than the ritual for all humanity. I heard: you must accept being a queen. It was about The Return of the Queen. Because if you wait and don’t want to do it, no one will. All women are queens. It is not about control or about the fear of what happened to all the queens. It’s about being a queen of the people, it’s about the fact that we all have crowns on our head, all the men as well. I was afraid, but I had to accept it, because I heard: there is a lot of work to do. So I started to let go until I felt I was ready to say yes.

Then we went to the third bath, the Queen Bath. Into the warm water. I don’t remember everything, but I remember falling on my knees. Ton was carrying me. This was actually the picture he saw in Amsterdam. I let go and allowed myself to die inside and be reborn. I felt a large sword on my spine. When I started to take it out I saw an umbilical cord linked to the bottom, the center of the earth. I received a new one, like there was a new start. I saw a big snake leaving my body through my mouth as well.

When I stood up I fell again and you, Annemie (?), grabbed me and I felt like the Mother grabbed me. She was like a big amazing mama, like Mother Earth, saying: it’s all okay.

Then I fell again, on my knees, and started to give birth. For myself, but again for everyone else as well. Everyone was singing so beautifully. I started to speak many languages, I heard voices from a lot of different cultures. It was the pain of all the mothers, of all the women. When that was over, I started to sing a blessing in Hebrew. It’s a song that women sing. Adonai s’fatai tiftach, ufi yagid t’hilatecha. Meaning: Lord, let my lips be open. In Hebrew the lips of our mouth and of our vagina are the same word, and the word for throat and cervix is the same as well. So women have two lips and two throats, down there and up there. T’hilatecha means: to praise everything that there is. I started praying this for everyone.

The next words that came are difficult to say out loud. It does not exist in English, so I will say it in Hebrew: Havayah. It’s one of the strongest words in Hebrew. It’s one of the secret words, one of the secred names of the Lord you would not say out loud. You just pronounce it inside yourself. Because it is so strong. Then I saw the crown, I saw: the queen is here. It’s time for all the queens to arise, and if they all do, peace will come.

I am so honoured to take a part in this process. I speak a lot of words, but inside of me I am speechless.’


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