25.04 UK, Schiehallion, Glen Lyon and Fortingall

Tuning into the journey to Scotland. With Agnes, the keykeeper of Scotland.

‘Mount Schiehallion is a very powerful vortex and cosmic gate towards the stellar constellation of Aldebaran and the Pleiades.
It is these home planets that incarnated in the Scottish Highlands eons ago, and that were the seeds of the northern people, the Celts and the Nordic traditions, that they germinated, that they seeded with their knowledge and wisdom.
It’s from the blue planet that they came and brought their vision of wisdom and connection.
They are connected with all the powerpoints in the northern hemisphere, like Mount Paektu in North Korea.

The journey with the five men is to keep this gate open, so more information can be downloaded into the material earthly plane.
So this whole trip is about making a connection to the planetary dimensions, to open up information that needs to be spread in the coming months. Especially for all the tensions in the world, all the conflicts, we need this higher vision, we need this higher information about where we’re coming from, about the planetary connections and the Galactic Federation that are guiding the process of earth and humankind.

So while you are there with five men, it’s a group of women who hold the space.
You both form the key.
The male energy is the penetrating energy going outward into the world and the women hold the space at home to receive the knowledge.’

Agnes: ‘I feel it is important to be near Schiehallion as well, and to connect to the valley of Glen Lyon as well. At least to drive through it by car, because the river Laggan holds a lot of energy and the old memories. You will feel connections from all your journeys, all these little pieces come together. That’s why you can connect with the higher realms, with the galactic forces.’

Ton: Does it have to do with kingship?

Agnes: ‘The royal lineage, the original royal lineage. I get the Merovingians… You are also there with five different men, to work from the heart and to clear a certain male energy there on that spot. It hasn’t been done before. You don’t have to know all the stories, it can have to do with the prosecutions, with the following of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I think it has happened here, because the whole of Scotland has a lot of bloodshed. Also by the Vikings and of course there is a connection with the Scandinavian countries. But you don’t have to know all the stories, it’s just that you can be in harmony together.’

Ton: And hold the heart energy.

Agnes: There is no program, you just follow your steps and you get to the right spots.

Ton: I now lay my hands on the chrystal skull, Amigo. I feel clear contact now with extraterrestrial civilisations, as if they stand in front of me. And I hear and see them say:

‘We are with you, we are co-creating on another level of creation, which asks a lot of trust, because you cannot see what you are doing, but you have to trust your intuition. It’s through a sacred geometry between the five of you and the people who support you that you open up a field of knowledge, a field of energy that supports all the work that has been done in the world and supports all the light workers.’

Agnes: ‘It also has to do with the Axis Mundi. It’s like straightening your back, because you are making the vertical connection between the outer space, out of earth beings, the beings on the earth and the beings in the earth. I think it has to do – from the north to the south pole – with the Axis Mundi. We, the women before you, who went there, have been working with that and now we need the male energy in this Axis Mundi.’


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