27.01 SWITZERLAND, Grindelwald, Montezuma Speaking about Gold

Montezuma is speaking:

‘We will talk to you about Switzerland, which is like a pyramid of gold and Switzerland is like the king’s chamber. It is holding that power of the gold and is connected to the king archetype, to the heart, like amethyst is connected to the crown chakra and obsidian is connected to the root chakra.

But this king energy is like an empty tomb. It is like a cursed tomb. The king has been entombed, but in an unwilling way. He is sleeping, he is sleeping in his death sleep and thus all this gold is in a death sleep. Like we told you before, the gold has been used for spiritual development, but through this curse of this death sleep, the gold is now abused for material gain, for greed, for a lower frequency, instead of the higher frequency, for which it is supposed to be.

So I (Montezuma) am talking through the energy of the crystal, the mountain crystal, because that is the way we can communicate on a level which is like a clear channel. It helps you to get this information, through these words and in this language that I can use to talk to you.

But you need different energies to open up this tomb of gold. For instance you need the obsidian, this black matter, which is connected to the Dark Mother, connected to the black Madonna of Einsiedeln, connected to the mountain the Jungfrau, to the dark feminine underneath it all. It is the very material substance that the Earth is created from.

But it is even beyond that, it is beyond the matter. It is this frequency, or the blueprint of the dark feminine, from which matter comes into existence. She is birthing this planet and I hope you understand that behind the material plane, behind the matter, there is the dark matter. And the dark matter is where the new energy comes from. That is the birthing energy.

It is symbolized in the Black Madonna or the Magdalene or the Black Isis or Malak, the Phoenician goddess. She is the one giving birth to this planet and giving birth to the new creation. As soon as you know her name, her energy, you are in contact with the regenerative energies for the rebirth that is so needed in this time.

But first there has to be destruction. There has to be a downfall of all the fake creations; the world that has been built on ego, on greed, on egoistic motives. It is this whole pyramid of the patriarchy that needs to crumble. Unfortunately or fortunately! Because certain things cannot be avoided, they need to happen when the moment is there. Not out of revenge, guilt or shame, but because of a natural cycle of things.

Since you are all living in this transformational moment of destruction and creation, you will experience both energies. The energy of the downfall and the energy of rebirth. You will feel the contractions of the new birth, but you will also feel the suffering and the letting go during the death process. Now all of this is supposed to happen. The only thing you can do, is to be a witness, be involved, but not from a personal point of view. You are all holding the space for this process to happen. You are the midwives, who take care of the Mother birthing.

The mountain in Switzerland is channeling the highest energy to the lowest energies: so from the mountain crystal energy, the crown chakra, to this dark matter of obsidian. By connecting this vertical line, you are able to open up the king’s tomb. It is like it is encoded, it is literately coded, so that nobody can enter the places of storage of gold. You need a key for that. On a spiritual level it is the same. Several people contain this key and only together they can open up the safe of this king’s energy. The key is like the seven chakras; there are seven energies that are needed to open up the central one, the one of the heart.

I see water flowing; water flows, fire burns, wind blows and earth stands. And by bringing the four elements together in an alchemical process, you will open up the fifth element, the heart. So the gold can again be used for spiritual transformation and reconnect you to your spiritual origin and spiritual heritage. Finally you will understand collectively where you are coming from and what you are here for on this planet. You will understand your mission as a species. You will remember who you are in a very last second! And by remembering your origin you will know what to do.’


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