27.06 ZWITSERLAND, Lauterbrunnen, The Buddha Maitreya

‘The Buddha Maitreya has incarnated on Earth, in the physical realm. It’s in this moment of stillness, when time and space stop, that the greatest miracle is performed. The light of consciousness is awakened in this world, and it is you who are witness of this miracle.

You can call it Buddha Maitreya, the Coming Buddha, or you can call it the Christ consciousness, or the Goddess, but basically it is a great awakening of the soul of humanity. Because it is not only born in one, it is born in each and every one of you, as you are so connected and interdependent.

When this highest light is awakened in one point, it is felt in every point of the whole field of human existence, like a seed that is waiting to become a tree. So the work you do is outside time and space. It’s in the field of consciousness. And by your intention, your heart, your compassion and your diligence, you form the womb in which this light can be born. You are the midwives, male and female, so the baby can be born. It is the three wise men, and the three wise women, witnessing the star of Bethlehem, Venus, the Morning Star, heralding this huge light, flooding over the world. We can only talk to you through parables and myth and symbols, to explain what cannot be explained in human language. But you will feel the light. It is flooding through the clouds of darkness and not knowing, to illuminate every corner of the human heart. Rejoice and enjoy this day.’

(Switzerland, 04/01/19)

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