29.13 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, The Soulpurpose of the Jewish People

‘After the suffering and the crucifixion comes the time of the resurrection. This is a universal principle, about going down into the underworld and coming back with the treasures of wisdom and new life. The Jewish people have suffered for a very very long time, during the age of Pisces, 2000 years of the constellation of the Fish, which started with the birth of Jesus. This is the time of the resurrection. This is the new year, Rosh Hashanah. It is the celebration of coming back from the underworld to start a new cycle. It’s bringing all the treasures and the spiritual leadership to the surface, because in the world of today suffering and destruction will be all abound. There’s a need for spiritual leadership. There’s a need for this light that conquers the darkness. There’s a need for a universal love that encompasses all differences and dualities. There’s a need for compassion and for understanding, instead of fighting and judgement.

So there is a specific task for the Jewish people, to bring their light to the world, to be in service of humanity, to use their talents in these times of chaos and change. Not for their own benefit, but for the greater good of all. Now this is not easy after being crucified for 2000 years. You have to step over your own feelings of anxiety, self judgement, suffering and martyrship. In essence you have to let go of your ego to become aligned with the divine purpose of your soul again.

This is an extremely difficult process of transformation within the Jewish soul, because they have this very high energy, and high wisdom to bring to the world. That’s why they have suffered so much as well. But this is the time to transform that, to let go of the past, to feel safe again and to feel acknowledged for what they have carried. For what we have carried. Because I, the Christ, am one of you, coming from the same family, the same roots. And yet it doesn’t matter, we are all human after all. We are part of the human family, of mankind. In the end there is only one. One human race. One human family. On just one living planet, Mother Earth.’


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