29.18 ISRAEL, Bethlehem, Birth of the Messiah

‘As you enter the void, a period of the unknown, you will hear the voice of the divine speaking. Not in words, but in symbols and events that need clarification and explanation. To be present in the sacred throne of David.

You will be able to be a channel for this divine message, both in words and in flesh. The message is about the messiah, the new born baby, a new consciousness, a new phase for humanity. It is with joy and gratitude that this may be received in this time of darkness. Do you understand it is like the christmas tale, a winter’s night, where the stars will show you the way to a little hamlet in which a baby is born. It is this fragile beginning that needs acknowledgement, that needs honouring, so it can start to blossom in a later period of time.

You are one of the kings to bring the present. Just like there are many thousands of kings bringing their gift to the world and thousands of queens bringing their gift to the world, to harrold this new eon.

Go deep within, go to the darkest place in yourself to be nourished. Go beyond the duality and the judgement, to your pure essence, because that is your gift to the world. Let go of the chitchat, let go of the opinions and the words that keep you from your own essence. Bring that beautiful flower to the surface, so it can greed the sun.’


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