29.XX ISRAEL, Mount Meron, Ton’s Dream about Dragons and Vaccines

Ton: ‘Yesterday we passed a place Mount Meron: a couple of weeks ago there was a stanpede there, where many Orthodox jews were killed. We stopped there and went into the mosque, the tomb of an old Rabbi. Het is supposed to have written the Zohar, a mystical scripture in Jewish tradition, that gives feedback on the Kabbalah. When I sat there in meditation, I received a scroll, energetically, I was handed over a scroll, with one short word on it, like 4-5 letters. When I came home and googled, I realised this was about the Zohar.

The dream I had this night was that there were two parts in the Zohar. It was like a big dragon, and the first part of the dragon was a man with a son standing next to the front paws of the dragon. But there was a second part to the dragon: which were the back paws, and near the back paws stood a mother and a daughter. I received the feminine part of the Zohar; so there is supposedly another part to it. I don’t know if that is written down in text, or energetic. When I was talking with Dvora yesterday, she told me that the way she had received the whole Kabbalah and the Zohar, was just energetically in her body. So it might be something that is not written down.

The second part of the dream, was about me and Raya and Marion (Tons daughter and ex-wife). They were trying to get away with an airplane, because everybody was kind of becoming colourless – that’s the best way to describe it. We tried to get away from that. But then I lost them at some point and had to go further on my own.

When I woke up I remembered they had told me the day before that they were going to get vaccinated, because it is the most handy thing for them to do. I realised the dream was about getting away from the masses of people becoming colourless and of course I tried to take them with me, but I couldn’t. So I become more doubtful about vaccines. Although I have no clue about why exactly. It’s just a dream, but I knew when I woke up that the dream was important and that I had to listen to it.’


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