30.06 INDIA, Srinagar, Rudra, Lord of the Nagas

‘Welcome to this place in the heart of Srinagar, which is one of the stargates with a direct connection with other star systems. We, the Nagas, came here a very long time ago, because it is one of the seeding places of Mother Earth. Here the seeds of the paradise matrix were planted and the whole state of Kashmir, this valley, was the beginning of one of the paradises where everything was in harmony: the people, the plants, the elements. A high civilisation was created from other dimensions. The first people incarnated in this paradise to start the earth civilisation, long before your current civilisation.

It is here that we downloaded the sacred wisdom. You could say that this whole area is the temple, is the sacred place. And the little temple on top of the mountain is a symbolic representation of the bigger temple, which is created in the energy, in the energetic field of this area. It is a temple of the five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and the fifth element, which you experienced as electric current, as a lightening bolt, but this lightening bolt is an extraterrestrial energy which contains a lot of information. During Shivaratri this connection with other planetary systems will be activated again and the stargate will open up fully, thus creating a new influx.
Take your time, take your rest, so your bodies can adjust and relax, so you can prepare for the great ritual. Many blessings.

Rudra, Lord of the Naga’s.’


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