32.06 NUBIA, Aswan, The Sun Goddess

Ton hears the voice of the Nubian Queen.

‘Welcome, welcome, welcome. You who are chosen to enter the kingdom of the Sun Goddess, the kingdom of Kush, the kingdom of gold. We were here a very very long time ago in the beginning days of human civilisation. This was a grand empire, connected to the stars and to the land. It was fertile, green and lush and we were connected to the great sun. She who gave life to us by shedding light upon this land. This has all be long forgotten. You who are at the end of this long lineage of civilisations, facing the destruction of your home planet, you come to return to this paradise, the start where everything began.

I was the ruler of this kingdom, or you could better call it queendom. But ruling had a very different connotation in our time. It was to be a vessel, an instrument between the world of the gods, the other dimensions, and this earthly plane. So I embodied all of civilisation and all of humankind. I was seen as a goddess in later times and then I took form in the goddesses of Isis and Hathor, but that was already very much later. It was just a remembrance of my physical presence on Earth. Because I wás here in an earthly manifestation, in a physical body. Embodying the planet with all its life, animals and human beings.

You who are in search of Mother Earth, I will lead you towards the holiest of holiest, the Arc of the Covenant, the containment of creation. It is within your hearts that you will find the keys to this secret which you will need to unlock the door to another future.

Many blessings on your journey, and I will be with you till the Gathering of the Tribes. Aho.’


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