34.XX RWANDA, Virunga, The Spirit of Virunga

Feeling into the trip to Africa, in september.

‘A journey to the source. Beyond matter, beyond mountains, beyond rivers, there is a well, a source of creation. A synthesis of water, fire, earth and air, resulting in a power that permeates the entire web of life. The web is the connection between all things, all creatures, all animals and organisms. Humans are a fundamental and essential part of this web, but there are forces in the human mind that want to destroy the web of life, and thus destroy the very existence of life on Earth.

Find the true source, not through the mind, nor the ego, but through the gate of the heart. When you have reached this source, the earth will tremble. Don’t be scared but know that this is part of her healing. There is no creation without destruction and letting go.

Be bold, go forward, don’t look back. There is no time left. The spirit of Virunga.’


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