36.10 PORTUGAL, Lisbon, A Gateway to Atlantis

With Agnes in the Whale House, in cocreation with the crystal skulls Amigo and Karuna.

“Portugal is a gateway to Atlantis and it has stored all information when Atlantis went down.

Much of the information and wisdom was being stored in the land and the mountains and the water of Portugal. So it is the most clear and first hand information from a civilization that went down under water. It is this knowledge that you are going to awaken again and use for your time frame. By travelling around you connect the dots; you create a field of different places connected to each other that contain all that energy and information. So there is not a specific place where you find everything, but it is all that in-between, it is in travelling from place to place and creating connections that the gate will open and that you can see, that you can walk through the gate into the Atlantean time.

All world leaders now are playing out the game of Atlantis, the leadership that was the cause of the downfall. And it is them that need to be re-awakened through the original creation. Which is not technological, nor digital, nor based on your technologies, but it is biological. It is creation which was the original blueprint of humankind. It is this realization that is needed, to bring you back to the paradise blueprint. Get out of the Matrix, get into the Creatrix. Yes: go from matrix to creatrix. It is also, in a way, going from Atlantis to Mu.

What you see now is a lot of distortion and a lot of artificial creation, artificial intelligence, artificial technology, which leads you into the abyss. Because it destroys the original blueprint. It destroys your bodies and your temple of your soul. So go back to the beauty of the beginning, the beauty of life on earth. By being in Portugal you are able to open up this portal of consciousness, but you are also able to see the distortions more clearly.”


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