Maria Magdalena Deel 3: Here Comes the Sun (Epub/PDF)


‘Dit is een oeroude plek waar mensen altijd bijeen zijn gekomen om de goden te eren. Maar lang geleden is het ten onder gegaan door strijd en jaloezie. Die emotionele lading ligt nog steeds over het land. Maar door jullie werk kan de druk daarvan af worden gehaald, kan het zich helen, en kan het land hersteld worden.’


‘As there is the Tree of Life which you activated in Toledo, there is also the Snake of Life or the Dragon of Life which is a very strong earth power connected to Mother Earth, to the Mother Goddess. It is time to awaken this dragon energy, this Mother Dragon, because she has been pushed down and chained. Locked away, forgotten. But now this feminine power may rise again, spread its wings and demand justice and truth to be spoken.

It is what brought wealth and civilisation into the Iberian subcontinent, until patriarchy took over and abused this motherly power, because it wanted to control and own this power. It turned into a lot of greed; greed for power, greed for sex, greed for money, greed for control. But in essence this power cannot be controlled. It’s a natural power. It can only be honoured. By giving devotion to this feminine dragon, you’ll find the treasure, the gold and the resources that you need for your journey to come.

Call upon all the lightworkers in Spain and Portugal to connect with you. All the people of good heart to connect with you, because they are waiting for your piece of the puzzle, which is a centerpiece. Just by being who you are you bring this crucial missing piece into the puzzle, which is the name of the flower, the name of the rose, the name of the arancia del flor.’

(Ton van der Kroon, 12/7/2019)