04.04 BALI, Ubud, Battle of the Forces

‘There are all kind of forces that try to get you off the centre, to keep you away from the heart, inside yourself and outside yourself. As soon as these two find each other, they have a party and you lose yourself in the labyrinth of the ego or the mind. The mind wanders off and it’s difficult to go back to the centre.

What you feel here in Bali is a battle between material forces and spiritual forces. What often happens is that when the material forces become stronger, the spiritual forces are diminished. So it can not hold on to itself, because it’s more fragile in a way. The material force is a more rudimentary rootforce. It can overrule the spiritual force – and still not really, because the spiritual force can vanish, be invisible, but it can never be extinguished. It will always come back in a new form, because in essence it is formless, it can take any form.

When the materialistic forces take over, you are ruled by the lower energies: greed, jealousy, pride, power and money. So it becomes very fake. If the spiritual is expressed within that atmosphere, it’s expressed on a lower level instead of on a higher level. It can only express on a higher level if the intention comes from the heart, so if it’s heart ruled.

So let’s say you have material ruled spiritualism and heart ruled spiritualism. The material ruled spiritualism brings you down, the heart ruled brings you up. The heart is very simple. It’s not very interesting in a way, it’s very normal, it doesn’t need interesting things. It just needs the wind in your face, or the blink of an eye, or a gentle morning breeze – what is very simple and free. For the material forces these things are not very interesting, they like complex thoughts. Because it is the mind that rules, and that absorbes this spiritual into a mind controlled system. And than you get a religion, because that is what religions are all about: they are materialistic controlled spiritualism.

So heart controlled spiritualism is a free form. It is like the wind. It doesn’t stick anywhere. It’s just blowing. It retreats if needed, and it’s strong and by itself. It’s like breath. You can’t catch breath. Breath is flowing in and out, but you cannot catch it. As soon as you try to catch it, then the mind is at work.

The situation you’re in, is telling you that you cannot fight it, you cannot control, you have to let it go. So you have to find your own freedom again, to get detached from difficult courses of the materialistic force. Because as soon as you try to attack it or to fight it, you’re in the same battle. And you can’t fight evil with evil, it still stays evil, it’s the opposite of life. So to become free of it, you have to step out of it and let it go. And focus again on your own heart and do what your heart tells you to do. It’s very easy to make it a big thing, but it’s not a big thing. It’s just not interesting. It’s outside your own focus. But it’s very tempting and alluring to go into the duality, to go into the dualism of this warfare of ego.

So the challenge is to find your heart and to search for your own joy, wherever that may bring you. This is the most challenging thing, because it may bring you to places that you haven’t thought of. Which is maybe not so easy or nice, but may be giving you a lot of joy of the soul. These delusions are part of your training in Bali. You have to make a difference between the two. That is why we explain it in detail, how it works.

First find your own heart. First find your freedom. Because if you cannot come from freedom and if you’re motivated by fear or anger, you cannot work, you cannot contribute anything. You’re just messing around. So first you have to find your own inner freedom again, before you can move on to anything new. This is the first lesson and then – from that freedom, your own freedom or the freedom of the eight of you – then you can see what the next step is. You can’t rush forward and achieve things without being free to choose.’

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