04.19 BALI, Ubud, Soulgathering Bali, Leap of Faith

‘Global transformation. Nothing less. You have reached the point in time that all movements of humanity, all movements on planet Earth are coming together in one point. One point of consciousness, of awareness. This is the point of waking up. This is the point where people will realize that there’s no going further without transformation, without change, or there will be global destruction. So, it’s either/or: this global crisis – you could say in finances, in nature, in global temperature – has two possibilities: it offers disaster or change.

Now this is a great opportunity for all of you, for all of humanity, to make a leap of faith. You can’t do this on your own. It takes the other to help you out. It asks from you to look beyond duality, cause your so called enemy is your helper to move beyond the notion of duality, to become one. You have to realize you’re one human race. You’re living on one planet, called ‘home’. You can only move forward as one humanity, coming from one heart. Coming from love. You could say that war and hatred, conflict, is the result of the dualistic mind. Of thinking in ‘either/or’, in ‘we or them’. In ‘loss or gain’. But in reality there’s no such thing. It’s all the heart of a greater field of love.

So each of you is challenged to move from this place of love. This asks from you to connect to this greater love, through the love for yourself. Cause global transformation in the end is about you. If you cannot move, than nobody can move. So you have to see yourself in a greater light and move beyond your own dualistic thinking about yourself. You’re not good or bad. You just are… love.

The island of Bali, just like the island of Ibiza in the west, is a powerpoint of connection. Many lines come together, many themes come together, many elements of humanity come together on this temple island. The island of the Goddess. But it takes pure consciousness to bring all these lines together and make them one. So this is your challenge when you are on the island the first week of September. It’s to bring all these representations of humanity, of the human race, together as one. That’s why it’s called the ‘Soulgathering’.

Everyone who has called to bring back the soul, will move to create the sacred space; this ritual space, where humanity can move from duality to oneness. From suffering to transformation. From darkness to consciousness, to enlightenment.

So we ask from you to make a jump. This leap of faith. Believe in yourself. Believe in humanity. Believe you can do it. Cause this belief helps you to overcome all obstacles and move forward to this next fase of evolution.’

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