04.15 BALI CAMBODIA, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat

‘Behind the Temple of Angkor Wat is a history of ancient civilization that was connected to the Lemurian continent and to the Lemurian knowledge. Through the ages this wisdom has been contained within the temples of Angkor Wat, before it became a big building as it is now. Millions of souls have incarnated over and over again and have been enslaved by the wars in the past, in the ancient past. And again and again they played out karma of perpetrator and victim.

This is what you tap into tonight. In the very simple form of not going on an aeroplane and somebody else going on an aeroplane. The killing fields of Pol Pot have been the latest chapter in this bloody history of karmic tension. Why you are here is to open the gate of release, because this Christmas night on the 24th will be an enormous opening of the gate for millions of souls to be released into the light. They are all waiting, they are all waiting to end a cycle. A long, long cycle in which they have been trapped into negative karma. They are waiting to go home and to be free.

So take the next few days to focus on this place and this release of soul energy and ask your circle, your group of lightworkers, to join into this process of freeing the energies of the Far East, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Mongolia. This is a start of a longer process of transformation in the countries of the East. We will come back to this later.’

(Angkor Wat, 15/12/09)

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