06.12 EGYPT, Cairo, Gizeh, Sacred Union

‘When the feminine and the masculine merge, the new child can be born. This new child is the consciousness of Christ heralding a new time. When the sfinx is looking at its opposite, the water sign Aquarius, then it’s a turning of the tide. Because the pyramids are like a huge clockwork, a cosmic clock directed towards the stars, so the priests and pharaos could communicate with the stars and read its signs, read the great movements of time and know when things were going to change.

So in your time, there is this great moment of transformation happening, which is a cosmic awakening of humanity, to go back to its origin, to its original purpose of being here on planet Earth. So coming here you are reminded of the eternal movement through the stars, and that there is a call to humanity at this moment to broaden your consciousness and wake up to the reality of your presence in the universe, in the universal order.

So connect to your star sisters and your star brothers on different planes, on different planets, because they will help you to proceed in the cosmic alignment. Very soon you will find, you will feel this great alignment within yourself with the stars, with the great void, through which the voice of the great feminine is speaking to you. It’s this voice that you hear inside your own soul, which is helping you to shed the skin of your old personality, so the new can be born wihtin you and within society.

Don’t quiver, don’t hide in fear, but trust your soul to move forward step by step, opening up to the great dawn that is at hand. Don’t worry about the old systems that are falling apart. They’re just part of history, the past. But you are waking up in the eternal now, realising that time is but an illusion of the mind. So, eternity is here for you to conceive and to grasp.

We are with you in this process, talking to your soul and to your heart, so you remember who you are, because you are one of us. You’re part of the cosmic consciousness and you’re slowly remembering your origin. Cast off your image of a too small personality, because you are greater than you ever imagined yourself to be.

Blessings on this journey of remembering, literally and figuratively re-membering Osiris, re-membering Isis, remembering Horus the light god, Father, Mother, Child, the divine trinity, male, female, Christ. Blessings.’

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