08.07 ROMANIA, Bucharest, Message of the Mad Hatter

The theme of Alice in Wonderland is very present in the journey through Romania. Message for a woman that is doubting herself and her beautiful talents as an artist.

‘I am the Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland). You have a very important appointment in time. You have to find the source of your creativity. The ancient path of the Goddess is calling you. You have to open the gate and you are the key. Everything you look for is inside of you. You are the chosen one, Alice. So don’t underestimate yourself. Fight the demons of your mind that try to put you down, that try to make you ugly as a monster instead of a princess, or a goddess. Listen to your body because it tells you messages that are very important for you to follow. Don’t deny yourself. Don’t deny the messages of your physical entity. Because that is the instrument with which you play the game. If you don’t listen to the messages, you will make yourself ill, ill in the mind and ill in the body. So be careful. Follow the messages that will lead to the source: the source of your inspiration which is the same source as the Goddess.

You have been following the great river of life (The Donau ending in the Black Sea. The Black Sea was not always called the Black Sea. There was a time when it was the Sea of Life. It was the uterus. It was a cradle of civilisation for all the countries around that sea. Later civilisation moved towards the area around the Mediterranean Sea, but before that time the Black Sea was a very important starting point of civilisation. It started all with artists, who gave voice to the Goddess. They put it into form. This is the origin of all art, it is giving hands and feet to the Goddess in material form.

To go back to her is to embrace yourself, to love yourself fully, exactly who you are. Let go of all the images that have been put onto you that are distorting. Images that are making you nervous, fearful, resentful, angry. Your anger at the world resembles your anger at yourself, but this is not a natural anger. It is created. It is done on purpose to mislead you, to misinform you about who you really are.

Do you understand that your selfimage is not right? It is completely distorted by negative energies that are trying to deny your power. Because if you come into your full power, you have the possibility to unmask the source of the negative powers. This is what your task is. It is both an internal and an external fight that you are fighting. Go to the center of the labyrinth and fight your dragons and your demons. Be happy. Be powerful. And take your role as the Goddess, as the Queen of Hearts.

This was the message of the Mad Hatter.’

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