20.03 IBIZA, Ibiza, Peter Pan

‘The mythological story that you might need in this time of your process, and also of the process of the men that are going to come, is the story of Peter Pan. Peter Pan who takes the children to Never Never Land, the island where fantasies are of major importance, where your dreams come true, in a way. But it’s also a story of growing up. It’s facing your own demons, facing all the dark stuff that is still there – not to see it as a major problem, but as an adventure.

Because this is what the energy of Peter Pan is doing. He treats all the issues in his life as an adventure. So it’s the inner child, it’s the inner child that goes into dark adventures, meeting Captain Hook and finding friends. So it’s also about being with men who help each other to conquer this dark stuff and to transform it. So finally you can grow up and become a man, when you’ve slain the enemy inside.

See everything that is happening from now – on to these four days of Heart of Men – as a kind of a dream. A mythological state of reality in which all kinds of little hints will be given on the path, so you will all know how to go deeper. Because Ibiza is a place, an island, of transformation. You can delve deep into the underworld, into the mythological world, to change the patterns of your own karma. To change the negative energies into enlightenment. To change your resistance towards love, into a celebration of life. So the heart can be crowned and be opened up completely to find your fulfilment and your destiny.’


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