06.25 EGYPT, Kom Ombo, Integrating the Dark Side

‘This journey is about integrating the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies. So the lower frequencies are like anger or frustration or sadness. The higher frequencies are insight, compassion, wisdom. But you cannot do one without the other. They need to be both there. You cannot have the light without the darkness. So when you’re on the spiritual path, you need to encounter both sides before you can master them. You have to encounter the darkness inside of you and kind of embrace it, to meet it as a good energy. You also have to encounter the light side – to explore it, to surrender to it.

Out of these two energies then comes is a very fierce passion. It’s like black and white, and this passionate energy is red. It’s the energy of the heart that guides you. It’s a powerful human energy. Because if you go through life and you only focus on the light, you become very spiritual, but not very grounded. If you focus only on the darkness, on pain or suffering, or you go inside yourself and you ignore the light, you become very heavy. It’s in the combination of the two that you find your destiny and your direction. It’s like a bow. You have a topside of the bow and a downside of the bow. When you take both sides of the bow, it’s the arrow of the heart that goes forward towards your own destiny.

So, while being on this journey you have discovered these two sides.

The Temple of Kom Ombo is about this integration of dark and light, of the two sides of the brain and the two sides of being human. Don’t be afraid, nor from anything outside of yourself, nor from anything inside of yourself. If you combine both sides, the lotus of compassion will start to bloom. The more you embrace yourself the more you embrace the whole world. Because you will know that the outside world is just a reflection of you. The way you look at others is the way you look at yourself. The way you act towards others is the way you act towards yourself. Everything is a mirror of your own soul.

So go in faith, and trust. Trust your own intuition, your own two feet, your own path, and know that there is always guidance from the inner realms. If you’re confused, ask for help. If you lost the way, ask for guidance. If you don’t know what your purpose is, ask your soul.

Be blessed. You can go on to the next stage of this journey.’


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